GETTR Spot on Live: The World’s First-ever National Lawsuit against the Covid-19 Vaccine Case Opens a Court Session in Japan

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

The first-ever national lawsuit for victims of the Covid-19 vaccine began this morning in the Civil Division of the Tokyo District Court, live reported by the GETTR team from Japan Ark Farm of the New Federal State of China.

The case is a national lawsuit against Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Katsushin, the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Minister in Charge of Covid-19 Control, the Minister of Vaccination, and other officials of the Japanese Diet, demanding that the defendants cancel the decree designating Covid-19 as an infectious disease under the “Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Treatment for Patients with Infectious Diseases Act” and cancel the decision to define Covid-19 as a “novel influenza infection” under “the Infectious Diseases Act.” In addition, the lawsuit also requests that the defendants refrain from treating Covid-19 as an infectious disease.

Moreover, the case requires the defendants to revoke the special approvals for vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Takeda, along with confirming that no vaccination obligations applied to the plaintiffs and others.

The lawsuit additionally requests the defendants to cease the use of PCR tests for diagnosing Covid-19 infections, halt the issuance of vaccine passports and viruses-free certificates, and pay each plaintiff 300,000 yen.

Japan Anti-Vaccine Litigation Support Association represents vaccine victims in the case. In an interview with GETTR before the court session, the association’s president, Kazuhisa Ukawa, stated that their association provides volunteer legal support for vaccine victims all over Japan, explaining that “Vaccine victims in Japan are voiceless, alone, and helpless.”

The national lawsuit is the first of its kind worldwide, and it may spark a global wave of legal actions to protect Covid-19 victims’ interests and disclose the truth of these vaccines. According to Ark Farm reports on the front line, as locals are deeply concerned about the case, the way to decide who could get into the court was by a lottery turn to settle down the crowded site, with more people outside under umbrellas in the rain awaiting the outcome of the trial.

Reference: GETTR现场直击:全球首例新冠疫苗国家诉讼案在日本开庭

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