Former NATO Secretary-General Says Europe Cannot be a Bystander in the Competition Between U.S. and China

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Maverick

Former NATO Secretary-General and Former Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, wrote an article in Wall Street Journal on October 10, which points out that the Free World, must stand together as they are facing the challenges from the CCP in various aspects including military, trade, and technology. Europe cannot be a bystander in this struggle between freedom and authoritarianism, and Europeans must face this reality. It is a right action for the United States to counter the hegemonic movement of Beijing because if the U.S. loses its dominant position in the Indo-Pacific region, it will inevitably trigger a shock wave for the global balance of power and Europe will be engulfed by it. Therefore, the U.S. and Europe should strive for cooperation instead of competition in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Rasmussen criticizes Europe’s long-term mercantilism policy towards the CCP, which resulted in Europe being economically reliant on the CCP, and allowed it to use economic coercion to influence Europe. This can be attested by the fact that Germany and France are so eager to sign investment agreements with the CCP at the end of 2020 while the CCP and the U.S. are engaging in fierce competition. Nonetheless, Germany and France were forced to shelve the agreements a few weeks later due to sanctions by the CCP. Rasmussen uses Lithuania’s withdrawal from the CCP’s 17+1 Initiative this summer and its firm decision to develop a relationship with democratic Taiwan as an example to encourage other European nations to take similar actions.

This war is related to whether our next generation will grow up in a world of freedom and democracy or under authoritarian communism. Europe can no longer have a vague stance, but unite its allies and straightly face the challenges from the CCP.


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