GT Online: Huawei Formed “Legions” to Enter Other Sectors like Transportation, Foreign Trade, and Big Data

Written by: Ping

Translated by: billwilliam

According to the Chinese Communist Party’s media, an internal document reveals that Huawei has formed four teams called “legions,” including the Customs and Port Legion, the Smart Highway Legion, the Data Center, and Energy Legion, and the Smart Photovoltaic Legion. This is the second instance of “legion” formation by Huawei after it formed the Coal Mine Legion this April. This practice allows the company to concentrate talents from different departments, open up resources by eliminating excess boundaries between corporate departments, organize vertical management for key technological breakthroughs, and add new growth momentum.

Huawei’s establishment of five legions signifies that the company now aims to control all aspects of the economy and to overthrow the Jiang family’s previous monopoly over the Chinese economy. In other words, this is a redistribution of wealth and interests. As revealed by Mr. Miles Guo’s whistleblowing, the kleptocrats in the Zhongnanhai pit have been stealing China’s wealth (which is the Chinese people’s hard-earned money) for 30 years and have laundered the money abroad through shameless “white gloves”, and the Shanghai Gang (Jiang Zemin’s faction) completely controls Communist China’s economy. After Xi Jinping took over, he must maintain absolute power over politics, the economy, and the military, and hence must crush other rival factions’ control over the economy in order to realize his evil plot of global dominance. Therefore, Huawei has become a critical tool of Xi to dominate Communist China’s economy, and its five legions are established for control over various economic sectors, as the name “legion” suggests to the outside world that this company is no different from a defense contractor for Communist China’s military.

Under the CCP’s brutal system, the winner of the Party infighting gains control over various sectors of the country’s economy. Huawei is a company that belongs to Xi Jinping’s faction. According to Mr. Guo’s live broadcast, Meng Wanzhou is a bagwoman hiding wealth for Xi’s family. “Huawei princess” Meng Wanzhou’s return to Communist China is also part of the deal between Xi and the Biden administration. Huawei will surely dominate the CCP’s economy in the future. In the past, the Li Peng (former Premier) family monopolizes the electricity utility sector in Communist China, and now Huawei’s Coal Mine Legion aims to wrest away control over the sector. of the field. The establishment of the other four legions will almost completely replace the Shanghai Gang (Jiang Zemin faction)’s economic power. Will the Jiang Zemin faction idly wait for its defeat while the Xi faction grabs power aggressively? Of course not. As the infighting escalates and different factions in the CCP annihilate each other, the New Federal State of China (the democracy founded by Mr. Guo) will be the ultimate winner. Because the CCP’s economy is already on the verge of collapse, whichever CCP leader in power will have to face the upcoming economic crisis.


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