Pacific Alliance Group(PAG)-its infiltration over the world(II,2/2)

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The foundation of PAG and its investments over the world

Hong Kong PAG was founded by three people including Horst Geicke、 Chris Gradel and Ian Cheng(郑奕). And Miles Guo once said that Ian Cheng was his good friend. He was nice and the key man of China National Security, and no one could find Ian Cheng’s photos in the internet but Miles Guo had a lot of them.

From the internet

In 2007, PAG invested the most in China at Phoenix Airport(凤凰机场) in Sanya, Hainan Province(海南三亚). It once reached 70% or 100% of the shares, and it was done through the three founders. At that time, Chen Feng(陈峰)and Wang Jian(王健) also fully took part in the operation and Wang Qishan(王岐山)was the intermediary! Wang qishan was transferred back to Beijing from the post as Secretary of Hai Nan. It was Wang who assigned Chen Feng and Wang Jian to build the airport for PAG.

At that time, the so-called PAG used a few millions dollars capital to invest Phoenix Airport in Han Nan, San Ya. And it got more than ten thousand acres of lands near the airport. But now one of the founders, Horst Geicke has been sentenced because of his violation. In fact he still was the boss of PAG although he officially left PAG. He was Number One, and Chris Gradel was Number Two and Number Three was Ian Cheng. Now one of Wang Qishan’s direct insiders named Shan Weijian(单伟建) has been working on behalf of Wang Qishan in PAG. Miles Guo revealed long time ago that from the first day on public, PAG was established because of Wang Qishan. The first successful project was the investment of Han Nan San Yan Feng Huang and the purpose of the first day is to united Wang Qishan’s genitals ruling family together and the first day’s plan is to steal the country.

Everyone looks at the Pacific Asia Opportunities Fund(太盟亚洲机会基金), you will see what the relationship between PAG and HNA: Hong Kong Infrastructure is the entire infrastructure of various companies in Sanya, and HNA is a key listed company for money laundering. We can have a look at this closed-end fund to see how much his shares are worth. From a company that started from scratch like HNA, suddenly it became a trillion RMB enterprise, and the vast majority of transactions are with HNA. And among these transactions, not only with HNA, the more exaggerated thing was that PAG’s boss turned out to be the former German Vice Chancellor Philip and Philip’s family and Angela Merkel, who were personals on behalf of HNA in Germany and Europe to operate a large number of important investors and representatives for mergers and acquisitions.

PAG is the Hong Kong version of HNA. PAG investment is Wang Qishan’s money laundering bank, All PAG’s real estate and companies are in the hands of HNA. Hong Kong has a PAG, the United States has a BlackRock Fund, almost sixty to seventy percent of HNA’s projects were done by the United States BlackRock Fund and Hong Kong PAG, just like the HNA transferred a 40% controlling interest in Hong Kong’s City Construction Investment(香港国际建投), and Urban Construction Investment are also important listed companies for HNA Group to launder money for Wang Qishan. If there is a crime under the sky, called internal trading manipulation of the stock market, only Hong Kong Construction Investment can represent it. And Hong Kong Construction Investment is an enterprise totally under the control ofChen Feng, Wang Jian, Wang Qishan, Tian Guoli andTian Huiyu .This is one of the important tools which was used by the whole HNA to complete money laundering and money cheating internal transactions, fake loans, fraudulent loans, theft of the country. And it colluded with the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) domestic Tianjin Bohai company and nearly 60 other listed companies, changing hands with each other, sitting on each other, trading with each other, completing money laundering and money cheating in the stock market, and their entire PAG Group is also listed in London.

The son-in-law of Yao Yilin(姚依林) is Wang Qishan and his only son is Yao Mingwei(姚明伟) and one of Yao Mingwei’s illegitimate sons is the legendary Chancellor Philip, the former German Vice. An orphan in Vietnam become the German Vice Chancellor who nearly controlled German. And to control Germa means to control the half of Europe, also 1/4 of the entire world. To control German and even to control Deutsche Bank, which lead to, of course the PAG did it! And we also have to question what’s the relationship between PAG and the United Kingdom? The PAG companies listed in UK valued more than hundreds of billions of dollars. So the Europe belong to Wang Qishan, the Europe is Wang Qishan’s Europe!

You can not image how powerful PAG is. And not so many people had known the PAG’s investment in Taiwan. HNA regularly sent money to the KMT in Taiwan and to the DPP who have betrayed the DDP. And One of the money laundering channels is related to the listed companies controlled by PAG today and PAG’s investments in Taiwan, including those investments in Vietnam.

And in Japan, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world makes bullish over the Japan’s real estate market. Unexpectedly, these days, another “heavy bomb” was precisely thrown at the Japanese real estate market – Hong Kong PAG Group will invest up to about 800 billion yen in Japanese real estate in the next four years, a high-profile entry.

From the case between PAG and Miles Guo and the relationship between HNA and PAG, we can see PAG had completely infiltrated the United Stated judiciary and it also has infiltrated German, Europe, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan and even the world because of Wang Qishan’s genitals ruling family is to rule the world. And of course it’s the crime of CCP.

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