GETTR Live: Japanese Media Choose To Lose Their Collective Voice in the Face of Anti-Vaccine Lawsuits

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At 13:00 Tokyo time on October 12, 2021, the first public hearing of the Japanese lawsuit against COVID Vaccine was held in Courtroom 703 of the Tokyo District Court (Court).

The trial was widely watched at home and abroad, and despite the rainy day, many journalists and people lined up early in the morning in spite of the rain to wait for the lottery. Only 21 people were allowed to attend the trial, but hundreds of people arrived, and the lottery, which was scheduled for 12 noon, ended early at 10 a.m. Nevertheless, not only did the people who arrived not disperse, but more and more people arrived one after another, and they stayed around the courthouse, waiting for the news of the trial in the rain.

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Although the crowd was full of news reporters from prominent local media outlets, all were tight-lipped about the anti-vaccine lawsuit. Today’s trial was first reported by Kyodo News, but avoided the anti-vaccine government lawsuit, saying only that “hundreds of people without masks gathered at the Tokyo District Court,” and was reprinted in many media outlets, including Sankei Shimbun and Tokyo Shinbun.

It is understood that boycotting information related to the COVID vaccine is taboo in the local media, especially after the head of the Sunsports newspaper was removed from his post after covering an anti-vaccine press conference hosted by Dr. Takahashi, and various media outlets have been extremely cautious about reporting on related topics.

In stark contrast, both GETTR and Gnews followed the trial of this historic lawsuit.

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