GETTR Live: Lawyers for Plaintiffs in Japan’s COVID Vaccine State Lawsuit Forced Out of Court for Mentioning Election

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Information from the frontline reporter of the GETTR team at Japan Himalaya League, at around 17:00 local time on October 12, there was a major change in the national lawsuit against the victims of the COVID vaccine in Japan, and Mr. Kihara Kuniya, one of the two plaintiffs’ lawyers, was forced to withdraw from the court by the judge just because he mentioned the election issue in his statement.

“I spoke about the election in my statement, and the judge deemed it irrelevant to the vaccine lawsuit.” Mr. Kihara stated what happened to the reporter: “Since I did not accept it and continued to talk about the election, the judge ordered me to leave the courtroom, and I did not, so I was dragged out of the courtroom.”

Mr. Kihara said that he insisted on the election because “this vaccine is essentially a political election issue”. The lawsuit is continuing, but Mr. Kihara is not optimistic about the outcome, saying, “You can’t stop the vaccinations simply by lawsuits!”

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