The entire world is waiting for Xi Jinping’s collapse

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On October 8, 2021, US time, Mr. Miles Guo released a short video on GETTRE, in which Mr. Guo mainly talked about the following points.

1) The world is changing extraordinarily fast.  Currently, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are all experiencing immense challenges from within, their in-house lawyers and the management team are collapsing.  And what’s coming for them next are technology disasters and the crusade from the world, including their illegal operations behind the CCP virus and the vaccine.  Equipped with advanced technology, the big techs recklessly use the so-called media justice, media court, media guidance to trap underage children to indulge in the Internet. The world is now standing up to social media’s dangerous deleting and censoring culture and crime.   Zuckerberg’s wickedness is unprecedented!

2) The purpose of the US-China Zurich talks was to persuade Xi not to invade Taiwan because the US and other Western countries have realized that Xi’s poor health cannot last than a year, or up to two years maximum.  It would be much better for Xi to be overthrown by the CCP’s political infighting.

Two days ago, John L. Thornton went to Beijing at this most critical time, and this man is a close friend of Jia Qinglin and Wang Qishan. He said the political situation in Beijing now is very tense and Wang Qishan did not even show up. He met with Jiang Zhicheng and Jack Ma and it seemed that all the people are just waiting for something to happen to Xi.

Recently, Jack Ma reemerged and started to be moving around again, for the time being, that is.  This is only because he promised the CCP to bring his assets back from overseas. Yet meanwhile, he is working on his own matters.  Jack Ma and Li Ka-Shing both are running dogs of the Jiang family.

What the US did was putting Taiwan in an even risky position.  The strategies adopted by the US are based on the top-secret information released to them by the Jiang family, the Zeng family, Wang Qishan, and Meng Jianzhu.  When the US is playing this way, the US is effectively helping the Jiang family to prolong its influence in China, and at a certain time, there is no doubt that the CCP will attack Taiwan in a decisive manner.   This is truly bad news for Taiwan, Taiwan is in danger!

Secondly, in order to relieve its economy, the US wanted to allure the CCP to buy more US Treasury bonds, in order to keep the US stock market up.  This situation cannot last forever and eventually, the economy will collapse. The tactic of buying treasury bonds can only cover up the problem temporarily. Put it simply, neither side has faith in another’s political status, they are just playing with each other, with bogus economies and political environments,  and at the time same, deceiving people that everything is fine at the expense of Taiwan and the deplorables.

3)  When it comes to the CCP viruses and vaccines, social media could change the world at any given moment.  Yesterday in Mr. Guo’s meeting with some VIP people, the plan they previously discussed will no longer happen six months down the track.  Because the vaccine disaster has totally changed our way of life.  Only new technology and new life technology that can overcome the damage caused to mankind from the virus and vaccines disaster can be regarded as High Technology. All the politicians that mandate the vaccines will be judged in the future. The vaccine disaster is changing every aspect of mankind. Eventually, the CCP will have to explain where the virus came from, and the truth about who behind the vaccines will finally come out. Those greedy evil people who harmed the people for the money will face trial in the future.

4) New political, economic and media powers will emerge

After listening to Mr. Guo’s short video on GETTR, I would like to add some relevant information.

About Facebook, at the Facebook whistleblower’s hearing on October 5, Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey said to Zuckerberg, “Your time of invading our privacy, promoting toxic content, and preying on children and teens is over. Congress will be taking action. You can work with us or not work with us. We will not allow your company to harm our children, our families, and our democracy any longer. We will act.”

 TIME magazine has featured Mark Zuckerberg on its cover in its latest issue, which comes with an illustration of a phone app deletion icon and a seemingly simple question – “Delete ‘Facebook’?” – and two options – “Cancel” or “Delete”.

It looks like Comrade Zuck has finally reached the end of his road!  The Chinese language is indeed very profound and the latest translation of Facebook in the Chinese term is “doomed to die” (“fei si bu ke” in Chinese pronunciation).  This itself has already predicted the ultimate fate of Facebook.

Mr. Guo also mentioned yesterday that some people lobbied the Australian government to enforce the vaccine mandate on its people. He said that all these politicians will eventually stand on trial. A list of politician-lobbyists for Pfizer and Moderna was recently collected by the National Pulse, which included their previous jobs or affiliations. Many of the 83 people listed have high-level backgrounds, such as the White House, presidential candidates, the Office of the Speaker of the House, and some congressional offices.

I just name a few here:
1. Justin McCarthy, Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs under

    President George W. Bush

2. Brian Arthur Pamper, Chief International Trade Counsel to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus

3. Bill Morley, General Counsel to Senator Arlen Specter

4. Remy Brim, Senior Health Policy Advisor to Senator Elizabeth Warren

5. Mark Mioduski, Democratic Clerk for the Committee on Appropriations in the U.S. House of Representatives

6. Brian Griffin, Senior Leadership Advisor and Floor Policy Director for Democratic Policy Committee Chairman Senator Byron Dorgan

7. Ben Howard, Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs under President Donald Trump

The sheer number of politicians who proactively lobbied for Big Pharma makes you wonder about the extraordinary power of money. In 2019, Modena spent $40,000 on lobbying and $280,000 in 2020, and just halfway into 2021, the company has already spent $290,000. Pfizer, which recently received approval (under “EUA”) for a third booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, has substantially increased its lobbying budget. In 2019, the company spent $11 million on lobbying efforts before increasing the total to $13.15 million – the highest amount since 2010.

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