Southwest Airlines Tries to Cover up the Truth Behind the Cancellation of Nearly 2,000 Flights This Weekend

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89

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Southwest Airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights this weekend alone due to an outbreak of mass protests against mandatory vaccinations within the company, BPR reported on Oct. 10.

NBC confirmed that Southwest canceled more than 1,000 flights, 27 percent of its schedule, on Sunday and 808 flights on Saturday. However, Southwest claimed that the cancellations were due to airline flight attendants calling in sick, air traffic control, and bad weather, which didn’t affect other airlines. The airline’s announcement on Twitter triggered an outpouring of fliers accusing the airline of lying.

The start of disruptions on Saturday came exactly a day after the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association added the vaccine mandate to their ongoing legal action against the company in violation of federal labor law.

According to Bloomberg, the lawsuit asks the court “to temporarily block the company from carrying out federally mandated coronavirus vaccinations until an existing lawsuit over alleged U.S. labor law violations is resolved.”

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association is also asking for an immediate hearing on the request in a federal court in Dallas, because the carrier has continued to take unilateral actions that violate terms of the Railway Labor Act, which governs airline-union relations, including threatening to terminate pilots who have not been fully vaccinated by Dec. 8, 2021.

People around the world have risen up to protect their health and defend their rights and freedom against unconstitutional vaccine mandates by legal actions. Truth will prevail.


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