Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on October 10th, 2021

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – GBW

In his live broadcast on October 10th, Mr. Miles Guo talks about the collusion between the US government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the Taiwan issue, the essence of the Revolution of 1911, Xi Jinping’s deteriorating health, the CCP’s infiltration of the U.S. judicial branch and the medical industry, the vaccine disaster, and the miracle drug artemisinin. Below are the highlights of the broadcast.

The CCP has far more abilities to brainwash people and control media than the Qing government.

What I will say today matters to Taiwanese lives and Taiwan’s future! Japan’s reform had the most significant influence on China in the era of the 1911 Revolution. In those days without the Internet, China could receive information from Japan on the same day. This information had a huge impact on the Hundred Days’ Reform by Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao. The overthrow of the monarchy from the Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty had nothing to do with the CCP.

The CCP learned from the Soviet Big Brother. The first rule was to master the power of the media, and the Chinese were easily brainwashed. Now 100 years later, the information from Taiwan, surprisingly, can not reach the mainland. 95% of the mainlanders want to invade Taiwan for no reason. The history of the Republic of China (ROC) is longer than that  of the People’s Republic of China. The CCP was originally a foreign regime. The ROC resisted Japan and was driven to Taiwan.

One of the most famous phrases in Japanese history says because the Chinese were stupid, not enlightened, unaware of the arrival of western civilization, Japan should occupy Shina. I visited the Museum of Japanese Politics twice in the 1990s and 2012. I was among the 100th Chinese who visited the place. How many Chinese experts and scholars have visited the museum? The CCP now has far more power to brainwash the people and control media than the Qing government. What qualifications does the CCP have to talk about the Wuchang Uprising? The reason for the Wuchang Uprising was to protect the railways. The CCP sells China’s railways and Chinese spirit every second.

The Revolution of 1911 didn’t demand a constitutional system and democracy.

The Revolution of 1911 was devoid of constitutionalism and democratic demands. In the Japanese and British archives, the Chinese were not thinking of the constitution at all. Deng Xiaoping was most likely to engage in the democratic process. However, during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest, the students were being used and were anti-bureaucracy but not anti-Communist system, which was very similar to the Revolution of 1911. The Rockefellers built the Concord Hospital, and he said that at that time, the Chinese wanted a change of power and leadership, but the power belonged to the ruler, who never thought of giving democracy to the people.

Sun Yat-sen had a naive side. I have never seen a communist respect Sun Yat-sen and never felt that Soong Ching-ling was ever respected. I have never seen a Chinese professor respect Sun either. The traitors in Taiwan will do more harm to Taiwan than the mainlanders. How badly was the Kuomingtang infiltrated during the Chinese civil war? Even Fu Zuoyi’s daughter was a communist, and Fu Zuoyi’s brother had already taken money from the CCP. When Fu Zuoyi wanted a fight, he had no chance.

Taiwan is in jeopardy. The deal between the United States and the CCP is done.

How many people in Taiwan want to protect Taiwan? How many of them have the guts to defend Taiwan? The key to Taiwan’s life and death is not in Taiwan but in the United States. Here is my first sentence of the day: Taiwan is in jeopardy. The deal is done.

At the CCP’s meeting to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, 99% of the audience sitting at the assembly hall were temps; they even had the Beijing West Hotel waiters over there. The scene was more somber than a memorial service. A beautiful sister from the Beijing West Hotel said a CCP leader noticed her and wanted to talk to her and get her a formal job. This leader was a deputy military cadre. The clothes she received were plain black. She said  the CCP was really going to demise.

Biden repeatedly asked to meet with Xi. It’s not that Biden doesn’t want to meet Xi, but Xi doesn’t want to see Biden. Why didn’t Xi show up at the G20 Summit? The way he spoke that day was not his usual style. A few keywords on that speech were changed, and that said it all.

The written commitments by the US set the conditions for the meeting between Yang Jiechi and Sullivan. The US President wrote a personal letter. The US government promised: (1)Never change the system of the CCP; (2)Re-couple; (3)Resume comprehensive dialogues between China and the US at all levels, including the normalization of the high-level military dialogue between China and the US. Yang Jiechi spoke to Sullivan in Switzerland.

I was scared to death when I heard the content of the meeting and smoked three cigars in a row. Before I listened to Xi’s speech, I knew that he would talk about the 1911 Revolution. Xi’s health is really failing, and this is almost a nightmare for Taiwan. Xi has to fulfill the historical responsibility of becoming a second Qin Shi Huang.

Xi Jinping attributed the decision to invade Taiwan to the separatists.

Taiwan is in jeopardy. At the meeting, can you see anyone from the Jiang and Zeng factions on the podium? Wang Qishan looked like a dead man. Li Zhanshu, Xu Qiliang, and a few defense ministers were in good spirits; check out their status.

Xi’s most ruthless words were, “All Taiwan problems are attributed to the Taiwan separatists, and all the Taiwan separatists will be put on trial.” Before the war between China and Japan, the Japanese said that all problems were the problems of the Chinese government, and the Chinese people invited the Japanese to rule them. At that time, some Chinese people welcomed the Imperial Army. This time, the CCP wants to destroy Taiwan in the name of Sun Yat-sen; the Trojan horse is the Kuomintang; the target of the strike is the Taiwan separatists. The CCP wants to send Chen Shui-bian and Lee Teng-hui’s family members to Fujian to be executed. Photos of Zhu Liliun, Hong Hsiu-chu, etc will be hung on Tiananmen.

The CCP wants to move people from the west of Taiwan to China’s Fujian Province, and immigrate 40 to 50 million people from the mainland to Taiwan. The CCP will turn eastern Taiwan into military bases and missile bases; it will build several military bases on a few outlying islands. Japan’s Okinawa will be useless.

The West withdrew troops after a US-China nuclear submarine collision in the South China Sea.

The US has only three Seawolf-class nuclear submarines. One Seawolf submarine collided with a CCP submarine. Where was the CCP submarine? The incident on October 2nd  was not the first time; there had been problems many times before. Now the US submarine has retreated, and the joint exercises of the seven western nations have been called off. The CCP traded dozens of lives for the withdrawal of an American submarine. This is the strategic move the Chinese and American leaders made before the secret letter diplomacy and the war against Taiwan. That’s why Yang Jiechi was tough in Switzerland. Sullivan implemented Biden’s policy 100%. They got the money issue out of the way. I even heard the expression on Sullivan’s face when he mentioned Taiwan. For those who know the field, the expression is called diplomatic language.

The CCP attacking Taiwan would be good for the extermination of the CCP.

You guys say the topic is heavy. I don’t think so. There’s nothing wrong with this outcome. It’s cruel to say it out loud. The CCP attacking Taiwan is the best for the extermination of the CCP, and it is good for the Whistleblowers Movement.

The real estate bubble in Communist China is massive.

The background of the US-China deal has a lot to do with the CCP economy and real estate. The US is most concerned about money. They want the CCP to keep buying US treasury bonds and not to bring down the US economy. In the last 110 years, no foreigner has ever thought of giving democracy and freedom to the Chinese. Other people cannot do things for your good. Don’t be naive. You must remember not to put your hope on others. World War I and World War II were over. The Bretton Woods system was over. To this day, the Chinese are still enslaved by internal and external forces.

In 2017, I said that Evergrande had $2 trillion in debt. Today Evergrande has $3 trillion of debt. There are companies like Country Garden, Hopson, R&F, and Sunac. How many mainland companies in the Hang Seng Index are genuine? Do you know the HSBC and Nanyang Bank’s ties with the mainland? Ping An has buried so many financial mines worldwide.

According to China’s official statistics, there are $65 trillion in real estate, not to mention the 800 trillion yuan of M2 and the total $100 trillion of GDP of the past. The average Chinese person needs to work 120 years without spending a penny on food or drink to buy an apartment. Japan’s number at the peak of the bubble was 17 years. In the past three financial crises, the US housing price-to-income ratios were 3x, 7x, and 15x. Europe’s ratios were under ten times for the past crises. Today, no matter whose help the CCP is seeking and regardless of the 40 billion Hong Kong dollar purchase of shares of a subsidiary under Evergrande, what’s the point?

Real estate companies joined forces with funds to scam money.

Fantasia has close ties to one of the biggest Chinese funds, Sun Qiang’s Warburg Pincus Fund. Sun Qiang and I are very good buddies. We have played and worked together. He married a Xinjiang wife named Zhuoma. Sun is 1.88 meters tall, very slim, and almost 70 years old. Warburg Pincus falsified accounting and invested at least 6-7 billion yuan in Fantasia. Fantasia siphoned off a large sum of money from the US and Canadian pension funds.

A little brother of mine had a new wife after he joined Warburg Pincus. The princes and princesses of the CCP bought him drinks. He really felt that his life was taking off. Then the Xiamen case got him arrested. This kind of successful life is the most dangerous.

The corrupt Warburg Pincus Fund almost emptied the western wallets. If you don’t know CDH Investments, you don’t understand the princelings. If you don’t know Boyu Capital, you don’t understand how powerful the princelings are. If you don’t know Xiao Jianhua, you don’t understand the power of fraud. If you don’t know Ye Jianming, you don’t understand how crazy China’s oil gangs are. If you don’t know Hopson, you don’t understand how powerful it is in Guangdong. If you don’t know the Bank of Beijing and Shengjing Bank, you don’t understand China’s fraudulent banks. Whether the real estate is $65 trillion or $95 trillion in value, there are trillions of unredeemable foreign debts. There are also trillions in Chinese stocks.

I wonder, how did Haidilao manage to raise hundreds of billions? China’s most profitable and unlisted company is owned by the mother of a brother in arms. This brother invested in GTV and asked me not to mention his family. He doesn’t even take his family’s last name. He wanted to invest 300 million dollars, but I didn’t let him. The real estate bomb will definitely blow up and kill someone, just a question of whose body.

US politicians are willing to convince the funds to extend loans for short-term gain.

Americans are really naive. You don’t understand politicians. Wei Jingsheng and Wang Dan have represented China’s democracy movement for decades, so why can’t Pompeo take a picture with them? Pompeo and Trump are definitely our buddies. Where people go to speak is their business. He is in politics. It’s something he’ll do as long as he can add a vote. Just like us, if Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Alvin Jiang support us tomorrow, they will be our brothers in arms.

Now the Americans are just trying to keep the economy from crashing for the midterms. They will let the CCP take over Taiwan if the CCP wants to. They suggested allowing these funds to extend the debt privately, and the CCP can borrow new loans to pay off the old ones. That’s how crazy the economic side of the West is. For short-term political gains, the politicians will allow the CCP to borrow new loans to pay back old ones.

God has given us a gift big enough to send Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, and Alvin Jiang to jail.

I’ll leave Bruno Wu’s criminal offenses aside for now. You can’t imagine what Bruno Wu can do when the US arrests him one day. God once gave us a gift big enough to send Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, and Alvin Jiang to prison. This has a huge connection to today’s real estate economy. These 3,000 sons of bitch on Wall Street, Bruno Wu, Jack Ma, the Warburg Pincus Fund, and CDH joined force to cheat Americans out of their money. The CCP obtained a massive amount of information about the clients of American law firms through the partnerships among American, Hong Kong, and mainland law firms. The American judicial officers all came from law firms. The CCP captured American judges and their sons and daughters in the same way.

The CCP completely corrupted the American justice system.

Regarding the Ma Rui rape case, Ma Rui has not come to the US. The law firm that sued me also represents Boxun, Bruno Wu, Ma Rui, and Pan Shiyi. These lawyers are all in contact with judges, prosecutors, and the SEC behind the scenes.

Did you all catch what I was trying to say? What does this BGY (Blue-internet, Gold-money, Yellow-sex) of American judges have to do with bad debt and the weakening real estate market? When you want to extend real estate loans, the first hurdle is the attorney’s review of the documents; the second is the appraisal company; the third is lawsuits involving the courts.

You guys don’t realize this is a big deal. Look up the top 100 law firms in the US. Which one doesn’t have a branch in China? They are in a few completely controlled buildings in Beijing’s China World Trade Center, Hong Kong’s financial center, and Shanghai. These lawyers come back and became US judges and prosecutors, and their children are all US judges and prosecutors. The CCP’s ambition is to rule the world and to control all humanity. They control the western justice system through marriage and cooperation. It turns out that many of the sons and daughters of these law firm staff are married to Chinese, and their parents are American judges and prosecutors.

Hainan’s White Horse Company, Han Zijin, Han Ziwei, Han Ziding, all listed companies, the US PGA, and the golf league are related. In 1980s, I went to Hainan. At the time, Han Zijin’s father was Li Kenong’s man. He went to Australia and bought the Australian mines and islands. The CCP’s Ministry of Security captured the few Australian leaders. The most outrageous thing was how Australia’s public prosecutors were BGYed. Han Zijin, Han Ziwei, Han Ziding, and the Han family is the second largest force in Hainan, after Wang Jian and Chen Feng.

After the CCP controlled the western justice system, it launched the unrestricted news war. If there were no G series, you wouldn’t have a chance to speak out. The traditional media is completely controlled. What can a law firm do when the US Justice Department is controlled? All the judges and prosecutors in the US came from law firms. With the unrestricted financial war, brothers in arms’ money was taken away.

Bruno Wu infiltrated the western pharmaceutical industry.

The promotion of vaccines is nonsense. Who gives schools the right to promote vaccination? The Trump administration failed to fire Fauci. Bruno Wu is the most frightening man, like Fauci. Bruno Wu knew Fauci early on. After 2012, Bruno Wu and Yang Lan helped many people in the West with public relations and get partnership qualifications in China. Bruno Wu was something. He sold a shell company to Jack Ma for 3.4 billion dollars. Bruno Wu infiltrated the medical world. Guo Guangchang went from defying Bruno Wu to kowtowing to him. Bruno Wu has made a lot of money in vaccines. His tens of billions of dollars overseas are untouched till now. Bruno Wu and Yang Lan have helped many foreign pharmaceutical companies enter China.

The Covid vaccines hurt the Jews the most.

We said in January 2020 that the virus was a communist biochemical weapon. In February 2020, we mentioned the vaccine disaster, which was a continuation of the biochemical war. The UAE countries and the Jews had the highest rate of vaccination. The CCP hates the Jews in their bones because the CCP wants to gain control of all aspects of the world, and the Jews are in their way.

The Illuminati has done the whole thing with just a few people. Wang Qishan is not satisfied with being the Chinese branch helmsman; he wants to be the chief helmsman. The American economy is in Jewish hands. Many of the 3000+ fund managers on Wall Street are Jews. Vaccines hurt Jews the most; we’ll see next year. The world internet is overwhelmingly in Jewish hands. The people who get the most vaccines are the rich people, believers of science, and Jews.

I told a few friends in the US to install solar roofs. You can live for a week without electricity, but there’s no way your house can keep more than 20 days’ worth of oil. The firewood on your farm should be stacked as high as a mountain. Firewood is expensive, $12-$15 a bundle, and soon will rise to $20-$30 a bundle. In the future, you’ll be lucky to have firewood to burn. The more rural you get, the more you can survive without public utilities and transportation.

The vaccine disaster has begun.

The bad debt and bad housing market have hijacked the western economy. The virus and vaccine have put all the West in locked-down. The US justice and media are all controlled. The Jews are experiencing a total genocide. All western governments that promote vaccines were lobbied, and they did it for money. The increase in Covid cases in Singapore and Australia is now almost proportional to the vaccination rate. It’s the holocaust, right? Look at LA, you guys. LA is on fire, and the firemen are crying.

A local female official in Denmark cried and told me that 75% of Denmark had been vaccinated. She said the side effects appeared all around her, nosebleeds and blood in the stool. The vaccine hurts different ethnic groups differently. It causes clogged blood vessels, and mRNA puts the body cells in a hyperactive state. Even scarier, the Danish health department and the government officials were all convinced of the “benefits” of the vaccine. She said she would be killed if she were to run for president, and she really felt the power of the CCP. No one dared mention where the virus came from, what was wrong with the vaccine, and the CCP.

The US government is naive, but will collusion work?

Now the US is still colluding with the CCP. Given the insanity of the governments, it looks like humanity will be finished if the CCP is not destroyed. Humanity must pay the price. If people do not resist at this point, it will be too late. The strategy to take down the CCP by exposing the truth of the vaccine is working, right? What the US government is doing now is too naive and too scary. The CCP defrauded the Americans. The US lulled China into a re-coupling. Both sides are blind and fooling each other around. With economic and technological re-coupling, do you think American companies will bring their technology to China again? Will Apple and Japanese companies go back to China again? Can Hong Kong go back to its previous state? The fundamental problems are economic manipulation, political manipulation, and the selling out of Taiwan.

Xi Jinping is having health problems.

Taiwan is in jeopardy. The CCP wants to destroy Taiwan in the name of the Wuchang Uprising and the 1911 Revolution. The CCP was afraid to hold meetings and asked a bunch of kids to sit there. Xi is now on his fourth spinal surgery. His brain is not working lately, neither is his pronunciation.

Are the major governments looking for opportunities to shift the blame for vaccines?

It won’t happen. All the people in the government, who have been hijacked by the evil forces and the drug companies, will continue to carry out the plan, and there is no question of shifting the blame.

The US gave the green light for the CCP to invade Taiwan.

The talks in Switzerland are based on the following four aspects. Taiwan is in jeopardy. (1) The US has made the written commitment not to change the CCP system. The economies will re-couple. The CCP will continue to buy US Treasury bonds. (2)The US and China military dialogue will not stop in this administration. The US will not take any military action in Taiwan and the South China Sea. Basically, the US has given up all military claims. (3)On Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, and on all issues, the two sides are in competition. (4)The US will maintain absolute respect for the CCP leaders. These are written commitments that President Biden personally signed.

The most fundamental step in selling out Taiwan by the US is to absolutely respect the one-China policy and oppose Taiwan’s independence. On this issue, the US will not blur the line. The 1992 Consensus used to be interpreted by the US, the CCP, and Taiwan independently. The US said in the past that neither side should change the status quo. This time, the US clearly says for the first time that both sides must recognize one China. This gives the CCP legitimacy to take Taiwan.

The U.S. opposed the CCP attacking Taiwan by force without U.S. consent. The CCP can rape Taiwan now. The US asked the CCP to give a heads-up before the war. Yang Jiechi said that all Taiwan issues would depend on the attitude and position of the Taiwanese side. This is the first time the CCP told the US the strategy of the CCP. All issues concerning Taiwan are not communicated at a high level; Sullivan was asked to communicate with Qin Gang. Yang was implying that the Taiwan issue has nothing to do with the US. It shows the importance of Qin Gang. Taiwan is in jeopardy.

As long as the Taiwan separatists exist, the CCP can attack Taiwan. The traitors in Taiwan will go crazy against the Taiwan separatists. This is what Xi said that every problem is attributed to the Taiwan separatists, and the CCP must take down the separatists by destroying Taiwan.

Every word I said today is from the notes and annotations taken by the US side. Kishida now wants to collude with the CCP too. Kishida is anti-communist at heart, but he is definitely an opportunist. Destroy the CCP with the US. Destroy the CCP by the CCP. Now it’s time to change the slogan to destroy the CCP with Taiwan. The CCP could attack Taiwan every second.

Artemisinin is effective against diseases such as cancer.

Artemisinin has made the greatest contribution to human health in recent years, after penicillin and the Pioneer series. The core secret is the three major threats now facing humanity: AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. All of these diseases are caused by genetic mutations. Within five years, stem cells will be legalized for all of humanity. When the era of stem cells arrives, artemisinin will be the key to the most central issue of the so-called fusion mutation of cells in the future.

There are three core technologies in making artemisinin. The first is the cultivation of artemisinin. Kentucky is the best. The second is the extraction technology. You are fooling around if you think you can just buy the artemisinin herbs and cook soup. The third is synthesis. Artemisinin piperaquine tablets should not be taken at the same time as hydroxychloroquine.

Sister Xiaojiuwo really has cancer. I called her five minutes before she went on the show. Her cancer is in stage three. Some of my brothers in arms say Xiaojiuwo is too fake. You’re hurting people. How can you not have the most basic trust in your comrades? The injections and medicines will cure sister Xiaojiuwo.

A brother in arms caught the virus three or four days ago. He took the drugs from our prescriptions. His body temperature was 36.3 degrees this morning, and he survived. After taking artemisinin and hydroxychloroquine, Ye Zhaoying’s wrinkles are gone, and her skin is smoother. It’s not a joke. Artemisinin is the best medicine for humans who want to stay young in the future, cleanse all cells of toxins, and cure cancer and AIDS. It takes everything that doesn’t belong to you out of your body. In the published prescription, people with more injections are classified as severe cases, and those with fewer injections are classified as mild . The most severe case may require injections.

The CCP is keeping the secret of artemisinin to themselves. Someone couldn’t stand it anymore and shared the secret with the Whistleblowers Movement.

One day, when I tell you who told me the secret of artemisinin, you will be startled. He (She)  has lost freedom for years and risked his (her) life to tell us the secret. The families of the CCP officials take the artemisinin for its health benefits. Jiang Zemin and the old standing committee members take artemisinin supplements all year round. Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin are almost 100 years old.

Artemisinin is good for health, longevity, anti-inflammation, and blood circulation with few side effects. Artemisinin is the new medicine to save humanity, treat cancer, improve one’s look, and treat diseases in the breast, gynecology, and men. People who correctly use the artemisinin family of health remedies are not likely to have cancer. It suppresses genetic mutations to almost zero. I found out that our fund has long been invested in the core area of artemisinin.

Once the war against Taiwan starts, the world’s economy will decouple from the CCP. Will the vaccination stop in such a situation? Will the Americans give up their silence at the point and launch an attack on the CCP?

The vaccination will stop in a few months whether the CCP attacks Taiwan or not. The hottest things with the fastest rise in price in the future will be the body bag. Panic caused by the vaccine will be everywhere. The dollar and the euro will collapse. There will be skyrocketing inflation in the supply chain. The underlying problem is still the imbalance caused by the dysfunctional world economy, the globalization of trade, and the huge CCP influence. Once Indian workers come up the learning curve, costs in the trade and transportation sectors will decrease. However, it will take time for the US to shift the supply chain from Communist China to Southeast Asia and Europe.

The big change in the energy industry has absolutely nothing to do with the war on Taiwan. The political shortsightedness of the US is excessive. The mid-term elections of 2022 are coming. They all know the good days are numbered. This is consistent with American’s cold-bloodedness. Whether the CCP invades Taiwan or not, China and the US are bound to decouple. There is bound to be a war. It’s inevitable.

Closing Remarks

The world in six months will be totally beyond your imagination. Be prepared to cook without water, electricity, or fire. After the vaccine disaster, the human political economy will be reconstructed. What is the New Federal State of China? What will the Himalaya Coin become? The future of stem cells, sky WiFi, fintech, medical technology, and all the world’s new technologies to enhance healthcare, communications, and transportation will surpass your perception and imagination. The future humanity is likely to live 130-150 years. The New Federal State of China will possess advanced new technologies for humanity. What a wonderful life we have ahead of us! Let’s wait and see! Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters on stage and behind the scenes! Lots of big things will happen tomorrow and next week.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcasts.)

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