GT Online: Artemisinin Plays an Important Role in Cancer, AIDS and Health Care

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Mr. Guo Wengui once again mentioned the important role of artemisinin in his live broadcast on October 10. It not only treats and fights diseases brought on by covid 19, but also has an important role in cancer, AIDS and health care.

A fellow fighter risked his life to tell me one thing: the family members of Communist Party officials are now taking the artemisinin series of health medicines. Jiang Zemin and the old standing committee members take artemisinin health medicine all year round. Jiang Zemin is about a hundred years old. Artemisinin has health care, life-preserving, anti-inflammatory, and blood circulation effects, and it has no side effects. Artemisinin is the new medicine to save mankind. It can treat cancer, and has beauty benefits. It can also treat gynecology, some diseases of men and women. People who use the artemisinin series of health medicines correctly are not likely to have cancer. It controls genetic mutations to almost zero. Artemisinin is the best medicine for the future of mankind to stay young, to cleanse all your cells of toxins, to solve cancer and AIDS. Our fund has long invested in the core area of artemisinin.

Artemisinin is the drug that has made the greatest contribution to human health in recent years after penicillin and the Pioneer series. There are three major threats facing humanity now: AIDS, diabetes and cancer. All of these diseases are genetically altered or genetically mutated diseases.


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