National Day speech reiterates ‘maintaining the status quo’ Tsai: Taiwanese will not give in under pressure

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President Tsai Ing-wen is delivering her National Day speech at the National Day Rally in front of the presidential palace. (Photo by Fang Bin)

Today October 10, known as the Double-Ten National Day, President Tsai Ing-wen attended the National Day Rally in front of the presidential palace to deliver her National Day speech today. On cross-strait relations, President Tsai reiterated that maintaining the status quo is what we stand for, and we will do our utmost to prevent it from being changed unilaterally. We will not take any risks, but we must not think that the people of Taiwan will give in under pressure, “because the path set by China will not include a democratic and free way of life in Taiwan, let alone the sovereignty of 23 million people.

President Tsai attended the National Day Ceremony held in the square in front of the presidential palace today and spoke under the theme of “Forging a stronger consensus: Standing united to protect Taiwan”. The president said that the better we are, the more pressure China puts on us, and she wanted to remind all of her fellow countrymen that they have no room to relax. International politics is changing dramatically at this time. The expansion of authoritarianism has alerted countries around the world that support liberal democratic values, and Taiwan is at the forefront of the democratic defense.

President Tsai said that as the international situation evolves, the Republic of China (Taiwan) is now in the most complex and volatile situation in its 72-year history. Every step we take is bound to influence the future direction of the world, and the future direction of the world will certainly affect the future of Taiwan.

The President said that the situation in the Indo-Pacific region is becoming increasingly tense and complex. After taking full control of Hong Kong and suppressing democrats, Beijing has also adjusted the direction of political and economic development since the “reform and opening up”.

Meanwhile, the regional order is being challenged in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, the president noted. In Taiwan’s southwestern airspace, the regular activities of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) aircraft are seriously affecting our national security and flight safety.

The G7, NATO, the EU, and the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue between the U.S., Japan, India, and Australia are all concerned about peace and security in the Taiwan Strait, and whether the status quo of peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region will be unilaterally disrupted by China, the president said.

The President said that she would like to reiterate Taiwan’s willingness to contribute to the peaceful development of the region. In terms of cross-strait relations, our goodwill and commitment remain unchanged, and maintaining the status quo is our proposition. She also wanted to emphasize that cross-strait differences must be resolved through equal dialogue.

The president said, “We look forward to a relaxation of cross-strait relations, and we will not be aggressive, but we must not think that the people of Taiwan will give in to pressure. We will continue to strengthen our national defense and demonstrate our determination to defend ourselves to ensure that no one can force us to follow the path set by China. “Because in the path set by China, there will not be a democratic and free way of life in Taiwan, let alone the sovereignty of 23 million people.”

Comment of translator: I think president Tsai still is too soft when showing her attitude to CCP China, but actually Taiwan-US relationship is the key point to deciding the future of Taiwan. The United States government seemed to be more concerned about its economics, which is now a collapsing situation.

Today is the national day of Taiwan, and in Mr. Miles Guo’s live broadcast today he exposed that president Biden has sold Taiwan to CCP China with 4 written commitments in the meeting between Sullivan and Yang Jiechi in Switzerland on Wednesday:

1. The US will not change the political system of China, and will continue economical relation with China.

2. The U.S.-China military exchanges will not stop under Biden administration, and there will be no military action in Taiwan and the South China Sea. It is very clear that in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, and in Xinjiang are in competition relationship between US and China, and the US maintains absolute respect for Xi Jinping.

3.US Absolutely adheres to the one-China policy, opposes Taiwan’s independence, the US does not have any blurred lines on this issue.

4. The U.S. opposes China’s attack on Taiwan by force without U.S. consent.

This is the worst news about Taiwan on National Day of Taiwan, I pray for Taiwan and I hope Miles’ explosion of Biden and Xi Jinping’s scheme about Taiwan could wake up the native Taiwanese and arouse the justice and the courage of the world to take down the CCP before it’s not too late.

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