Chinese Communist Media Reported One Death From “Parrot Fever”

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

Recently, several Chinese Communist Party media reported the “Parrot Fever” causing seven infections and one death in Lijiang City. The media also indicated that the “Parrot Fever” has long been discovered and is capable of human-to-human transmission.

The “Parrot Fever,” known as psittacosis, is a zoonotic disease caused by Chlamydia psittaci. After initial infection, Chlamydia psittaci takes 7-15 days incubation periods. In some cases, the incubation varies from 3 days to 45 days. The early symptoms of psittacosis infection are similar to influenza, avian influenza. The severe cases may cause pneumonia, or concurrent pulmonary embolism, or even death.

China always has sporadic cases of psittacosis. However, it is rarely reported or draws attention. Since psittacosis is not listed as the statutory infectious disease in China, the infection cases didn’t need to be registered.

The bird flu has not gone, but psittacosis has come again in China. The decision of whether a particular infectious disease is capable of “human-to-human transmission” or any necessary preventions or reports is entirely determined by the political necessity of the CCP. Like the outraged COVID-19, we can easily conceive that diseases will always be a political weapon, and the relative reports will only benefit politics. Chinese people will forever be utilized tools, bullets blocking walls, and ready grinding meat for the CCP, without an open mind, critical thinking, and preparation for self-saving.


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