California 15-year-old dies 2 days after second Pfizer vaccination

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According to an investigative report by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office in California last month. A healthy 15-year-old in the county died in June, two days after receiving his second dose of Pfizer vaccine. This week, the topic of the teen’s death and vaccinations has sparked a lot of debate in the community.

The cause of death of the teenager was determined to be “stress myocarditis with coronary artery inflammation”, according to the investigation report. The report did not directly link the cause of death to the vaccination with the new crown vaccine. But the emphasis, myocarditis and coronary artery inflammation in the deceased, which occurred in the context of recent Pfizer vaccination. Other than that, there were no other significant causes of death.

According to a University of California study, it was found that adolescents, i.e., 13 to 19 years old group with heart disease due to Neocoron vaccination six times more likely to result in hospitalization than viral infections. As of September. According to VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Notification System, 1,590 reports of heart inflammation in young people have been received. And an earlier study found that the notification system had an underreporting rate of 41 times.

The CDC Advisory Panel had earlier warned, heart Inflammation in Teens, “Possible Link” to Pfizer Vaccine. Parents and society have a responsibility and obligation to reject toxic vaccines and maintain the health and safety of our youth and defending children’s right to live.

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