The CCP’s Power and Energy Crisis Has Stepped up Coal Smuggling from North Korea

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Kayla

For a long time, due to the joint sanctions of the international community, North Korea has been prohibited from exporting many energy materials, including coal. The CCP is currently encountering an energy crisis. Many coal mines in many places, including Shanxi, a large coal-producing province, have cut out power and production due to heavy rainfall and floods, and all regions are facing coal burning difficulties. The two sides found common ground. Recently, a trading company under the North Korean party, government, and military organs began to smuggle coal to the CCP through the Yellow Sea.

The King Kong Administration Trading Company under the Workers’ Party of Korea, and the Border Guard Corps Trading Company under the Ministry of National Defense, etc., use small tonnage ships ranging from several hundred to 2,000 tons to load coal at the Yongcheon County wharf and ship it to China. In order to avoid the surveillance of American satellites, coal-carrying vessels sail without lights at night, and then take over on the high seas and transfer the coal to Chinese ships or directly to the Chinese Communist Party’s Dongjiang Port.

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