Broadcast|Romanian Billionaire and 8 Others Killed in Plane Crash Near Milan

By:MOS Education Team  – 獨行者Maverick(Raphael03)

According to Italian media reports, Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu died in a plane crash near Milan on Sunday.

The plane Petrescu was piloting crashed into a construction site a few minutes after takeoff.

A total of eight people, including Petrescu’s wife and son, died in the crash. The Romanian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that seven of them had dual citizenship. Petrescu, 68, had a personal net worth of more than 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) and held both Romanian and German citizenship.

Teresa Long, a U.S. Army doctor and aerospace medicine specialist, has just appealed to the Pentagon to ground all pilots who receive the Covid vaccine, following the recent rash of aircraft accidents. Because no one can rule out the possibility of a sudden flight accident due to a heart attack.

Vaccine disasters are threatening to happen one after another.

In response, Mr. Wengui also posted a cover story saying that no one wants to see such a catastrophic moment happen, but we also have to face the reality.

Article: Romanian Billionaire and 8 Others Killed in Plane Crash Near Milan

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