Nearly 40% of Seattle Police Officers Face the Threat of Dismissal If Not Vaccinated

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The Seattle city government stipulates that all police officers must be vaccinated before October 18, or they will be fired. As of Friday, a total of 292 police officers in the city had not submitted vaccination certificates, and another 111 police officers were waiting for the exemption approval, a total of 403. If they were all fired, Seattle would lose 37% of the police force.

It is not clear whether the city government will execute the dismissal order on the 18th. In order to ensure the reasonable allocation of patrol security personnel, the police chief Adrian Diaz has given instructions to transition to “Stage 3 Mobilization” which means that the remaining cops are on standby to respond to 911 calls.

Facing the government’s bad behavior, police officers in many places in the United States posted videos on social media to reiterate their pledge to join the police station: to protect the people, not to suppress the voice of the truth. At the same time, they also united and used the law to fight back against the vaccine mandate to maintain their due powers. Since 2020, 280 police officers have resigned, making the staffing of the city’s police department at its lowest level since the 1980s. Since the beginning of this year, Seattle has experienced a sharp increase in violent crimes. If the current trend continues, urban security will face more severe challenges.

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