Secretary General of NATO Says That Europe Should Unite With the U.S. to Meet the Challenge of the CCP

Translated by: MOS Media Team — CloudSky

On October 8, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg met with Spanish Prime Minister Sánchez to discuss hosting the NATO summit in Spain in 2022.  At the press conference after the meeting, Stoltenberg said, “At present, with the increasingly fierce international competition, the CCP is threatening all countries by displaying its economic and military strength. Europe and the United States must jointly meet this challenge!”

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In the communiqué after the Brussels NATO summit in June this year, it was pointed out that the coercive policies of the CCP and the continued expansion of its nuclear arsenal in recent years pose a systematic challenge to NATO Security. Stoltenberg also warned that the alliance between Russia and the CCP not only cooperates within the United Nations, but also exchanges weapons systems and shares network monitoring resources, which all pose a threat to the multilateralism international order. It makes NATO pay more and more attention to dealing with the challenges from the CCP and its ambition to rule the world.

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