10/10 Galaxy News: Japan To Allocate Additional 1 Billion Yen To Biodiversity Fund; Kishida And Modi Confirm Enhanced Cooperation In Phone Call

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1. Japan Will Allocate an Additional 1 Billion Yen to the Biodiversity Fund

The Japanese government has decided to allocate a total of 1 billion yen over the next five years to a fund to protect various species and rich ecosystems in developing countries, Kyodo News reported on Oct. 9. Japan will announce the decision at the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) held in China from the 11th. The move is intended to demonstrate Japan’s proactive stance in the face of global issues such as species extinction and forest destruction. Furthermore, at the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP10) to the Convention, held in Nagoya in 2010, the Japanese presidency established the Japan Biodiversity Fund. Additional funds will be allocated this time. The purpose of the Fund is to provide support to developing countries in their response to the Aichi Targets, the international conservation goals set by COP10 for the period up to 2020. To date, Japan has allocated a total of 5 billion yen.

2. Kishida and Modi Confirm Enhanced Cooperation in Phone Call

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held their first telephone conversation, Kyodo News reported on October 9. The two sides agreed to work closely as a “Quad” (Quad) with the U.S. and Australia and to cooperate for the realization of a “free and open Indo-Pacific.” The two sides agreed to strongly oppose attempts to unilaterally change the status quo based on power and economic pressure, taking into account the intensifying maritime activities of the Chinese communist countries. They also agreed to strengthen the supply chain and enhance cooperation in the area of economic security. Furthermore, inven the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and India next year, they confirmed that they would cooperate in a wide range of areas, including politics, economics, and personnel exchanges. The two sides also agreed that Kishida would visit India at an appropriate time.

3. The Yen Exchange Rate Hit 112 Yen, the Lowest in 2.5 Years

According to NHK, on October 9, the yen temporarily reached above 112 yen per dollar, the lowest level in about two years and six months, after a strong trend of selling the yen and buying the dollar in the New York foreign exchange market on October 8 against the backdrop of rising long-term interest rates in the United States. This is the first time in four months that long-term interest rates temporarily rose to the level of 1.6%, which is the reason for the yen’s weakening. Many investors are buying dollars because long-term interest rates have been increased due to inflation concerns following the rise in oil prices,” said one market source. “

4.Mizuho Bank’s System Failure Was Caused by the Company Responsible for Development and Maintenance

In the massive system failure that occurred in August this year, Mizuho Financial Group said it took so long to restore the system because the vendor did not perform adequate system maintenance, NHK reported on October 8. In the system failure that occurred on August 19 of this year, two devices in the system that processes store transactions failed, as did the switch to the backup system, making it impossible for customers to make transfers or deposits at stores nationwide the next day. In addition, Fujitsu, which was involved in developing and maintaining the system as a supplier, failed to take sufficient action in the recovery effort.

5.82 People Infected Within Tokyo for the Most Nationwide 777 People Infected in 2021 24 People Died

The number of new coronavirus infections confirmed nationwide in Japan on the 9th was 777, with 82 in Tokyo, the lowest number in 2021, FNN reported. This is the 48th consecutive day that 82 new infections have been confirmed in Tokyo, down from the same day the week before. In addition, 124 people were established in Osaka Prefecture and 81 in Kanagawa Prefecture, while seven other prefectures, including Iwate and Kagawa, had no confirmed cases. Nationwide, 24 people died.

6.The First Group of 53 Local Embassy Staff Evacuated by Air from Afghanistan to Japan Arrived in Japan

Fifty-three local staff members of the Japanese Embassy in Afghanistan and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and their families were evacuated by air from Kabul Airport and arrived in Japan on Oct. 8; the Asahi Shimbun reported 9. According to a government official, this is the first time the Taliban took over Kabul that local staff members associated with Japan have been flown out of the country. It was also the first time that local staff from the embassy were evacuated from the country. This was made possible with the cooperation of the Qatari government.

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