[October 8th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is October 8th. The world changes so fast! Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are now in deep trouble. I heard that these companies’ legal and management teams are almost in total collapse now, and they will be finished very soon. 

These companies will face technological disasters and a global crusade against them. In addition, they have been conducting illegal behind-the-scenes operations on the issues of the coronavirus and vaccine. They have been trying everything possible to play the roles of “media justice”, “media court”, and “media public opinion guidance”. Moreover, through internet technology, they have been luring underage children, involving them in a social media disaster that is dangerous, criminal, and psychologically unhealthy.

Now the whole world is taking action, not just the US. We will see. Zuckerberg is too wicked. Even calling him “Zuck-Zedong” (Mao Zedong) cannot describe the degree of his evilness. We’d have to call him “Zuck-tler” (Hitler), I’m afraid. He is such an evil person, so evil. Nobody expected he could be so depraved.

On the Taiwan issue, many fellow fighters in Taiwan texted me — “what is the situation of the threat of CCP invading Taiwan now?”

Brothers and sisters, regarding the “Swiss talk” (meeting of U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan and Chinese top diplomat Yang Jiechi) held from yesterday to today, I can tell you its essence today. What are they talking about in these meetings in Switzerland? The U.S.’s intention is crystal clear — how to trick “Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)” not to attack Taiwan. The aim is simple and straight — “Don’t attack Taiwan.”

According to the assessment of the US and the West, Xi cannot sustain for another year due to his health condition — two years at the most. Xi could even be “depleted” at any time by the political struggles within the CCP party.

Do you recall just a few days ago when the American John Thornton went to Beijing at the most critical moment? I heard that he had gone through three weeks of external quarantine and three weeks of internal quarantine before arriving in Beijing. What did he do there in Beijing? He was very aware of the political situation in Beijing right now — in his words, “it is very tense.”

He is a faithful pal with Jia Qinglin (a retired senior leader of the PRC) and Wang Qishan (the current Vice President of the PRC). Together with some individuals from the financial institutions who have the best relationship with Wang Qishan, he came to Beijing. But Wang Qishan did not show his face and did not meet with them this time.

None of those from the US side have a single identity. Of course, the US government officials also use these people’s information to probe China’s internal politics. After they had met with Jiang Zhicheng (grandson of Jiang Zemin, the retired president of China) and Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group), they concluded that everybody was waiting for something to happen to “Nutty Xi”.

Jack Ma has now regained his freedom so he can hang around again. He went to Hong Kong, accompanied by the so-called “bodyguards” who are all bought off by Jack Ma — despite the fact that they should follow the central government’s order to oversee Jack Ma and get his assets back to China, they all played other games by themselves. They are all in Jiang Zhicheng’s entourage, and they are in cahoots with Li Ka-Shing (Hong Kong business magnate) and the Li family. 

All of them, including the US side, are waiting for something to happen to Xi.

The US has been keeping an eye on China’s politics and economy, as well as the CCP’s 20th National Party Congress which will be held next year. Now they are meeting with Yang Jiechi. They found out that although Yang Jiechi is in Xi’s camp, his heart is still with the Jiang family — the US can sense it. 

Currently, the U.S.’s strategy is to focus on how to trick Xi not to attack Taiwan. So, although it looks like they have made some demands, actually the US is trying to stop Xi from attacking Taiwan through a combination of hard and soft tactics.

Is this good news for Taiwan? I can tell you — it is even worse. Let me tell you, this is a high-level political game played by these people from the Jiang Zemin’s gang, like Jiang Zhicheng, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Zeng Qinghong. 

They leaked this intelligence to the US intentionally. When the US wanted to play the game, it took the bait. Do not forget, it helped the Jiang’s forces to prolong its feeble existence. This gang may even take a decisive step against Taiwan at some point when they need to. Taiwan is in a hazardous situation! 

Let us wait and see. This is one thing.

The second purpose of the US is to trick the CCP into buying more US government bonds. During the meeting, the US tried to persuade Xi not to attack Taiwan. They flattered Xi, assured support to him, and promised to resolutely maintain Xi’s current system and never interfere in any CCP’s internal affairs.

“Our president wants to talk to you, meet with you, be friendly with you; we can also reduce tariffs, so please do not attack Taiwan.” They tell Nutty Xi. “By the way, can you buy more US government bonds?” As long as Nutty Xi felt satisfied, he would say, “It is a piece of cake, buy it. Is 500 billion okay? — Or two trillion?!” 

For the US side, this can stabilize its stock market and solve the problem of the US debt ceiling being breached — although a down payment of $480 billion was just approved. Everybody, look at this “game”. Do you think it will last?

Just like those pieces of garbage, “Big-headed Lu De” (Wang Ding Gang), “Snaky Yan” (Yan Limeng) and “Nine-fingered Demon Sara (VOG)” (Wei Lihong), every day, they live by cheating money, borrowing money, or selling a $2 per piece “Lu de Media briefing”. Lu De the big liar! You sell bags that cost $29, even if it is 100 million dollars, would this save you? Eventually, he will beg for a living; eventually, he will be held accountable.

Eventually, such an economy will be in trouble as well. Buying US Treasury Securities can only be a temporary solution. Frankly speaking, the political situation on both sides is terrible. So, they collude with each other — both are using the other side to embolden themselves, gain more confidence by playing fake economy, phony politics, and pretending that everything is fine. 

This is the real intention of both sides. But who pays the price? Taiwan and Lao Bai Xing (ordinary people) will suffer the consequences, right? It is obvious, brothers and sisters.

Moreover, brothers and sisters, you need to be aware of an even more terrible problem — on the issues of vaccines and coronavirus, the social media platforms’ enormous global impact now — it changes everything at all times.

I had a meeting yesterday. Many plans were submitted in the meeting. I just told them at the end, “You have prepared some great projects, but I want to tell you that none of what you planned would happen after six months. And things might even be completely different from what you thought — I am sorry I cannot tell you more details here.” They could not believe their ears. I said it, just right here. 

I told them if they had considered how the vaccine disaster would transfer human life, they would no longer have expected their planned things would happen. Only digital cryptocurrencies and the digital economy can have a foothold in global finance in the future. The world will rebuild its financial order, and nobody can turn the tide. That is the finance and economy of the future.

Secondly, new biotech sciences and technologies will save human beings from the dangerous vaccines and viruses. That’s the real high technology.

Thirdly, all those who once imposed mandatory vaccine policies or forced others to take vaccines will be brought to trial.

Finally, the vaccine disaster will change everything about mankind.

When elements related to people’s living — water, electricity, airplanes, cars, transportation, food, all have changed, can you stop the trend? In this situation, it is nonsense to still talk about those elections, including politics. How many people will be brought to trial in the future? All the current politicians might be found guilty. Right? 

The CCP must answer to the world about the virus in the end, they definitely will — where the hell did the virus come from? About vaccines, who are offering bribes, who are harming people, who are making money at the cost of others’ lives, who are with the dark forces? Everything will come to light in the end. Right? 

So, what we have discussed in the meeting today, is it useful? Not at all. Most of what we talk about now will be a joke in the future. I am convinced that new powers will be born — political, economic, and media powers.  The New Federal State of China (NFSC) has a clear and clean history. We have never posed any threat to mankind, and our social media platform (GETTR) is the most friendly to people.

You will see. Remember what I said in my live broadcast yesterday, what is going to happen in the next few weeks or dozens of days? If you only envision one certain listed company, you must have no idea about the NFSC and your Brother-7 at all — the big show has not started yet. 

Take it easy. When looking back on what happened in the past one month, two months, or three months, and then taking a long look ahead, you will realize that every day is so incredible. 

Brother-7 is wearing this dress to drive a pickup truck, a super powerful 6×6 pickup truck. I am going to have a meeting with somebody and make money for you guys. Maybe I will live broadcast on my way, OK? I am leaving for the meeting now, and I will keep you posted, brothers and sisters. See you.

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