Luo Changping Detained for Questioning the Battle at Lake Changjin Film

Translated by MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

On October 8, it was reported that the Weibo account “@罗昌平” posted on October 6 alleged defamation of heroes, and his account was closed in accordance with relevant regulations. On the same day, after receiving relevant reports, the Jiyang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Sanya City, Hainan Province issued a police report stating that on October 7, Luo was detained on suspicion of the crime of infringing on the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.

It is said that the brainwashing movie Battle at Lake Changjin has aroused heated discussions among the audience. All film reviews that questioned the level of film production and the degree of historical accuracy were officially deleted, and related official accounts were also banned. As for Luo Changping’s detention, it was because he wrote a short review about the film on Weibo: “After half a century, Chinese people rarely reflect on the justice of this war, just like the Shadiao Company back then did not doubt ‘wise decisions’ of their superiors.” (Shadiao is an internet term, which means stupid and brainless.)

Luo Changping was the chief reporter of China Business Daily, the chief editor of the in-depth reporting department of the Beijing News, and the deputy editor of Caijing magazine. The detention of Luo this time and the CCP’s censorship in cultural fields have made people wonder whether the CCP’s infighting will continue.


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