Taiwan Crisis Looms as Forces Compete for Maritime Discourse

Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – lilian89 

On Oct. 6, U.S. National Security Advisor O’Brien and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo highlighted the dangerous situation in Taiwan. In a Q&A session, the two experts on U.S.-China relations said bluntly that the United States cannot afford to lose Taiwan.

O’Brien reiterated the importance of Taiwan’s unique geographical location. In the first island chain, Taiwan is at the core of the strategy. Once the Chinese Communists invade Taiwan, the allied front of Southeast Asian countries and Australia will be cut off, which is tantamount to giving the second island chain to the Communists and will directly threaten Hawaii and even the West Coast of the United States. After several generations of Taiwanese, the democratic legal society that has worked so incredibly hard would be destroyed. The confidence of the people of the United States and the free world would be destroyed.

The South China Sea has been a crossroads of civilization and trade between East and West since the 15th century, and for today’s society, an energy hub and strategic location, gathering forces from all sides. The United States, Britain, Europe, and Japan, and Russia all have various forms of military presence in the region. The CCP’s violent suppression of the democratic demands of the people of Hong Kong and the “Greater Bay Area” plan to be implemented in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau have rendered one country. One county, two systems have become a sham.

The CCP’s policy of baiting Taiwan has shifted directly to a military threat.

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