U.S. Forces Have Secretly Trained Taiwan Troops for at Least a Year

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The U.S. disclosed that two U.S. combat units have been secretly training local troops in Taiwan for at least a year as part of a U.S. initiative to strengthen Taiwan’s defense forces, the Wall Street Journal reported Oct. 8.

U.S. officials who leaked the information said the troops in Taiwan include a special operations unit and a U.S. Marine Corps, which are deployed on a rotational basis. Two dozen of these U.S. Special Operations Forces members are training for a small Taiwan Army unit, while members of the U.S. Marine Corps are working with local Marines on small boat training. These U.S. service members have been conducting military operations in Taiwan for at least a year, the officials said.

The deployment of the Special Operations Forces and Marine Corps contingent is a small but symbolic U.S. operation designed to give Taiwan greater confidence in strengthening its defenses against a potential CCP attack on Taiwan, the report said. Current and former U.S. government officials and military experts believe that deepening ties between the U.S. and Taiwan’s military sectors will do more than simply selling military equipment to Taiwan.

U.S. officials say Taiwan has purchased billions of dollars of military hardware in recent years, whereby the United States should further help Taiwan enhance its military capabilities and develop its own defense. U.S. Special Operations Forces can demonstrate to Taiwanese forces how to defend against amphibious landings or train for a variety of other operations needed for Taiwan’s defense efforts.

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The Chinese Communist Party claims that the presence of U.S. troops is a violation of commitments made by Washington in past agreements. In response, a Pentagon spokesman said that the U.S. Congress in 1979 passed the “Taiwan Relations Act” has made it clear that any threat to the security of the people of Taiwan as a threat to the peace and stability of the Western Pacific Ocean, equivalent to endangering U.S. interests, will cause the United States”serious concern”, the United States will take “appropriate action”.

In addition, the U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific was declassified during the Trump administration. The document clarifies the situation in the Taiwan Strait and that”the CCP will take increasingly assertive steps to force cross-strait reunification”; it recommends that the United States”enable Taiwan to develop an effective asymmetric defense strategy capability that will help ensure Taiwan’s security and protection from coercion”. The strategy also calls for “credible combat-capable” U.S. military deployments to prevent CCP dominance in the region, including Taiwan.

Biden administration officials reportedly acknowledged that there was continuity in the two administrations’ policies toward China.

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