Almost 70% Of All Vaccine Injuries Happen In Women According To The WHO Database

Source: Internet

In a revealing story in the Life Site News on October 7th, 2021, it stated that according to the database compiled by the World Health Organisation (WHO), they reported that the potential side effects of the experimental vaccines show over 2 million cases of possible COVID vaccine injuries in 2021 alone, with 69 percent of the cases occurring in the female population.

This vitally important information has never been in the MSM as it does not fit their narrative of vaccinating absolutely everyone no matter what their age or gender. Some of the so-called side effects include incidences of vaginal hemorrhaging, myocarditis, brain neoplasms (tumors), spontaneous abortion, fetal death, stillbirth, pulmonary embolism, renal failure, fetal growth restriction, deep vein thrombosis, as well as the onset of COVID-19, influenza, pneumonia, and many other life-threatening conditions. Again, none of this information has made it into the corrupt and insidious MSM, so we can safely say that they have the blood of many people on their greedy little hands.

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