GT Online: China’s newborns may fall below 10 million in 2021

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Image Source: VOA

According to a report from Net Ease on Oct,7, 2021,   although the government has opened up the three-child policy, the birth rate of newborns is declining, and data shows that the number of newborns may not exceed 10 million in 2021, 35% less than the number at peak time.

  There are three main reasons:

  1. Due to the high property prices in Communist China, young people can’t afford to buy an apartment, in China it’s hard to get married without an apartment, and you can’t have children if you don’t get married.

 2. The cost of raising a child in Communist China is too high, raising two or three children is not possible.

3. The Child Care Crisis Is Keeping Women Out of the Workforce, Women not only have to work to earn money, but also need to take good care of the family, they have much more pressure than men, so many women only have one child or even not get married.

 Life in Communist China — Getting poorer, feeling more stressed, People are becoming less happy.

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