Major report by the French Senate reveals how Confucius Institutes influence academic circles

  • Translation and commentary: Jenny Bal
  • Editor: peacelv
On October 5, the French House of Senate issued a press conference and published a special report entitled “Impact of Countries Outside Europe.” (Central News Agency)

On October 5th, the French Senate held a press conference and published a special report entitled “The Influence of Countries Outside Europe”, which exposed the CCP’s use of Confucius Institutes to influence French universities and academic circles. This follows the strategic research of the French Military Academy. After the heavy report released by IRSEM on September 20, another major move by French politics.

According to a press released by the Senate, the report was 243 pages long and was submitted by Mr. Andre Gattolin, Vice Chairman of the French Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Armed Forces Committee, on September 29, and was unanimously approved by the fact-finding mission.

The press conference introduced, “The French research and higher education sector has been protected for a long time, and now it has been influenced by foreign governments. Some countries have deployed systemic strategies that are close to interference.” This report interviewed more than 50 people. Authoritative figures from France and abroad, including French Minister of Higher Education Frederique VIDAL and all higher education institutions.

The Senate also revealed that the scope of the report’s investigation has been expanded to several countries that have been affected.

Senator Etienne Blanc, the person in charge of this report, said, “So far, CCP China is the top country on the list that has adopted this kind of global and systemic influence by use of its power and the ability of the chief executive’s policy.”

According to the report, this kind of influence achieved two goals:

  •  On the one hand, “it shaped the image or reputation of a country, or promoting its official discourse and its concepts of humanities and social sciences”;
  • on the other hand, it uses the ability of a national apparatus and power to collect “sensitive scientific data in order to obtain the advantage in strategic, economic or military.”

According to the report, among the means of influence adopted by the CCP, Beijing has deployed “Confucius Institutes” around the world to promote “Chinese culture” independently or in cooperation with universities abroad. However, these Confucius Institutes are suspected of being CCP “propaganda tools” and they also threaten the academic freedom of their partners and even harbor spies.

Prior to this report, IRSEM has revealed in detail the true face of the Confucius Institute in its report.

In the report, the Senate emphasized the dilemma faced by French universities at the academic level and warned educational institutions to remain vigilant, especially for students from foreign countries.

The report is drafted with 5 goals and 26 recommendations. It proposes to “raise the subject of foreign interference to political priority” so that French institutions can prepare to meet one of the major challenges of the 21st century and better protect France’s Scientific heritage and academic freedom.”


This is a great news as the universities are supposed to be the cradle to train the talents of  all walks of life in the future, but with the long term strategy , the CCP’s use of Confucius Institutes to influence  universities and academic circles around the world to promote its communist doctrine. We have been suffering the consequence today with these young generations even longing for the Satan communism and dictatorship. In fact the CCP’s penetration of the West has been everywhere and it’s been for decades from top political figures, elites, Hollywood, sports, you name it.

I would like to draw attention that the Chinese people are the direct victims of the CCP’s doctrine and iron fists. That’s why millions of Chinese have to escape to the freedom west to enjoy the basic human right. that’s why the Whistleblower’s movement initiated in 2017 by Chinese billionaire Miles Guo has an outmost goal to take down the CCP. The movement has attracted billions of Chinese home and abroad to fight against totalitarian CCP by exposing the true face of CCP and CCP’s evil plots, such as CCP military lab created and released virus, such as CCP’s lethal vaccine virus for humanity genocide.

The Chinese people called for the world to unit together to take down the CCP. CCP is not the eligible representative of 1.4 billion Chinese. The CCP regime enslave the Chinese for over 70 years, and it’s now on the way to enslave the world. 

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Mr cow
16 days ago

This is a great story and should spread everywhere