French Senate Delegation Arrives in Taiwan

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On the morning of October 6th, a French Senate delegation by Alain Richard arrived in Taiwan. The multi-partisan senatorial delegation included Olivier Cadic, vice president of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces Committee (UDI.), and Judith Bout, Taiwan Friendship Group secretary.         

Senate Alain Richard has long and decisively supported Taiwan. Since taking over as chairman of the Taiwan Friendship Group in 2015, he has contributed to promoting friendly relations between Taiwan and France. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan stated that the Taiwan government invited Richard and his group. They will talk with President Tsai Ing-wen and meet with ministers during the visit. The two sides will exchange their views on various issues, such as post-pandemic economic recovery, regional security situation, and continuous cooperation between Taiwan and France, and they will strengthen the mutually beneficial partnership.


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