New Evidence! Large Scale of PCR Tester Procurement Starts from May 2019 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Translated by MOS Education Team – Sarahyy

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An Australian cybersecurity firm, Internet 2.0, reported that the government contract reports record the soaring increase of large scale procurement of PCT tester in Wuhan area starting from May 2019, months before the CCP’s official report of COVID-19 cases.

The data show that PCT test spending in 2019 is about RMB 67.4 million that is almost a double of 2018 in Hubei Province. The monthly procurement figure shows a soaring increase in orders, particularly from the buyers of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The Internet 2.0’s report concluded that the sharp increase of procurement figures from May 2019 suggests the earliest possible COVID19 infection date. Sharp increase of procurement figures are also found during July to October, especially from Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUSC), which spends about RMB 8.92 millions in PCT test in 2019 that is about eight times the figure of 2018.  The WUSC, local hospitals and public health authorities are working together to play a direct role in responding to new disease outbreaks. The Internet 2.0 indicated that these groups’ participation provides evidences of the early COVID19 infections that began much earlier than the official notification given to the WHO by the CCP.   


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