Mile Guo’s Alert for Overseas Chinese

All the causative issue is CCP, but it’s the people overseas are paying for the price. Miles worried the most is the safety of Chinese overseas.

【Miles Guo’s Highlights】2021.9.26 Mile Guo’s Alert for Overseas Chinese


The Suharto event, we need always keep in mind. anti-Chinese is a major concern for me. All the causative issue is CCP, but it’s the people overseas are paying for the price. This is dangerous and horrible. Another issue is like the event of Suharto it happened again in 1968 and 1998, then the third time. This is all because Chinese people are not united, also because of the investment of Chinese

So, what I worried the most is the safety of Chinese overseas anti-Chinese is too dangerous. I hope we can talk about the motivations and damages of anti-Chinese in history. You guys can do your research, back in the time. It was Suharto and Sukarno that wanted to hand over Indonesia to communism

And Communist International, they used this as excuse to kill 1M Chinese. This kind of cruelty is easily traceable, you guys never watched those videos. Those girls were 8-9 years old. They split their anal, and vagina, after raped. 

 They were put on a stick and grilled. They were grilled like quails, one family after another just think about it, I told them what if this is your daughter, what are you going to do? They said, I will fight them with my life. I said, the issue is your life is over too, who is going to sacrifice for you?  Then, your offspring are going to continue to invest in them. Anti-Chinese issues will happen for sure. It is only a matter of the scale. Second, the collapse of the world economy will happen for sure. This is just an issue of who is going to win, who is going to survive. No 3, cryptocurrency will for sure be the leading currency

Eventually, cryptocurrency will be the most powerful currency just a matter of whether you can catch the moment. Then, GTV, Gnews, and Gettr will be the most powerful ones. 

We should all come together, all these words were in the broadcasting. You will see this from the future. Just like you guys watch me talk about Meng Wanzhou today a lot of people used to think I was a mad man. They always say Miles this and that. One guy said Miles you are too awesome. I said, I was staying at Hilton at the time and told them Meng will come back to China. Even Peter Navarro was arguing with me. He said Meng will for sure come to US, I assure you. Peter Navarro said so to me, then, I said, I bet you a meal on this. She will go back to China. I said she will go back with a private jet. You can go and ask him. I said it is going to be in a Boeing 777s.

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