Two Members of the U.S. Senate Wrote to Tsai Ing-wen, Promising to Support Taiwan

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U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Menendez and Military Commission Chief Yin Hefei sent a letter to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on the 6th. In addition to congratulating the Republic of China on National Day, they also expressed concern about the frequent actions of Chinese military aircrafts disrupting Taiwan in recent days. Menendez and Yin Hefei said they would call on the international community to join forces to defend Taiwan’s democratic values ​​and promised to continue to support Taiwan.

美參院外委軍委領袖致函蔡總統關切共機擾台- 國際- 中央社
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In their letter, the two lawmakers stated to President Tsai that Taiwan is at the forefront of facing the challenges of the CCP. They are proud to promote legislative actions in the U.S. Congress to strengthen Taiwan’s security and the bilateral partnership between the United States and Taiwan. The democratic values ​​and free market principles embodied by the government are more important than ever. It shows that although facing the increasingly severe threatening CCP situation, Taiwan has also received public support from more and more countries, governments, and politicians, including military actions and public opinions.

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