Zhejiang Imports Kazakh, U.S. Coal for the First Time, Ports Secretly Open to Australian Coal Imports

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Snorlax

RFI news on October 6, Many places in Communist China  experience power restrictions, suffering from “power” and “coal” shortage. Zhejiang Province Energy Group had to purchase 136,000 tons of “high calorific value, low sulfur, low ash” high quality coal from Kazakhstan for the first time. The coal ship ran 15,700 kilometers at sea and took 30 days to arrive at Zhoushan port on October 4. Customs clearance is expected to be completed in mid-October. The group’s Zheneng Fuxing Fuel Company, which undertook this procurement, also purchased 130,000 tons of U.S. power coal for the first time in June and July.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle also cited Reuters as reporting that several Chinese ports had secretly re-released coal from Australia in late September to ease power supply tensions across the country caused by a shortage of coal supplies. Communist China’s unofficial ban on coal imports from Australia, which began in October last year due to the country’s demand to trace the origin of the virus, has directly led to about 1 million tons of Australian coal being stranded in bonded warehouses at various ports because Chinese Communist customs refused to clear it. However, this amount of coal is only equivalent to one day of Communist China’s coal imports and does not alleviate the current problem at all.

In the eyes of the Chinese Communist Party, the livelihood of the common people is put in an insignificant and ready to be sacrificed for the sake of the Party’s face and money bag. In this time of crisis, we call on the Chinese people to wake up as soon as possible and join the New Federal State of China that truly protects the interests of the Chinese people.

Reference: 浙江首次进口哈萨克煤,运煤船要跑15700公里

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