Broadcast|The CCP’s internal decisive battle has begun!

By: MOS Translation Team – Wenwuyue

On October 1, Mr. Guo Wengui broke the news in the Gettr video that the decisive battle between Xi(Jinping), Meng(Jianzhu), Wang(Qishan), Zeng(Qinghong), and Jiang(zemin) has officially kicked off. Many units and departments are ready to fight Xi for a long time. Among them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs belongs to the Jiang Family. As long as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to attack, the Jiang family and Meng Jianzhu will be safe and sound; Wang Qishan has a solid foundation in the political and legal system, and as long as the Central Discipline Inspection Commission and the Political and Legal Committee are stable, Wang Qishan will be safe. But at a time when domestic real estate is about to collapse and electricity rationing in various places has caused public grievances, Xi is in a very dangerous situation. Western politicians have fully realized that the Chinese Communist government is in an extremely unstable state, and Xi may be defeated by political opponents at any time.

Article:The CCP’s internal decisive battle has begun!

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