A Virtual Meeting Expected to Be Held Between Biden and Xi After Zürich Meeting Between US and CCP High-Level Officials

Written/Translated by: Sister Karamazov

Image source: Reuters

According to multiple news sources, CCP diplomat Yang Jiechi met with U.S. national security advisor Jake Sullivan in Zürich, Switzerland on October 6 local time.

According to AP News, after the 6-hour long meeting, President Joe Biden and CCP leader Xi Jinping “are expected to hold a virtual meeting before year’s end”, also “the agreement in principle for the talks was disclosed”. Moreover, this is “perhaps the most in-depth” talk between two sides since Biden took office in January, “according to one administration official”.

According to CCP social network platform wechat, CCP responded the Zürich meeting by claimed that “the U.S. should deeply understand the nature of mutual benefit and win-win relations between the two countries, and correctly understand China’s domestic and foreign policies and strategic intentions. China opposes using ‘competition’ to define Sino-US relations”.

Also, Yang Jiechi said that CCP paid attention to President Biden’s recent “positive statements on Sino-US relations”. He noted that the “US has stated that it has no intention of containing China’s development and will not engage in a ‘new cold war’”. Yang hopes that the U.S. will “adopt a rational and pragmatic policy toward China” and work with China to “respect each other’s core interests and major concerns”. Most importantly, CCP emphasized that “The U.S. expressed its adherence to the one-China policy.”

So what are U.S. and CCP’s “core interests and major concerns” respectively? And what does U.S. adherence to one-China policy having anything to do with it? Also, what kind of quid pro quo might have been reached under the table? One might not be able to deduce randomly without having related information on the Zürich meeting. However, Taiwan issue is a well-known “core interest” within CCP. A record number of CCP airplanes invaded Taiwan air defense zone, with almost 150 aircraft sent into Taiwan’s defense zone in total in this rounce of incursion in recent days. This signals the growing tension between CCP and Taiwan, and Taiwan might be in imminent danger of being devoured by CCP. On the other hand, on the US side, one of the “major concerns” these days is definitely US economy, which might head into big trouble under the current situation.





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