COVID Vaxx Chief Lieutenant General John Frewen Urging Aussies to Get Vaxxed

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Australian Lieutenant General John Frewen is in charge of the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce, which indicates the Australian government sees the vaccination rollout as a war. Frankly, this is indeed an unrestricted bio-weapon war launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, it is absurd for the senior Australian Defense Force leader, Lieutenant General John Frewen, to pushing these experimental COVID vaccines into every Australian.

On August 11, 2021, Lieutenant General Frewen said in an interview with 3AW: “I will make sure that everybody gets a dose by Christmas, I will make sure that we put everything in place that we can to  get to 70% as fast as we can. And once we got the 70%, we will have a look at working to get to 80%.”

Just a few days ago, in an interview on October 1, Frewen once again stated that the focus of COVID vaccination should be shifted from supply to persuading remaining Australians to get vaccinated. Frewen warned the national vaccination campaign has reached an “inflection point”, and enough Australians must be convinced to come forward and reach the critical 80% COVID vaccination target.

According to public information, Frewen has extensive experience in operations and management in national defense. In 2003, he played a leading role in the intervention of the multinational force in the Solomon Islands crisis. Since March 1, 2018, he has been the Chief Deputy Director of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). ASD is the Australian government agency responsible for foreign signals intelligence, support to military operations, cyber warfare, and information security. ASD is an essential part of the Australian intelligence community. Since Frewen took office in April 2018, the Secretary of the Interior Peter Dutton supported a proposal to authorize ASD to collect information on Australians. According to the legislation, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have been allowed to seek assistance from ASD in investigating Australian citizens and businesses, but they have met with strong opposition from some cabinet members.

Undoubtedly, Lieutenant General Frewen, who is keen to collect information on Australian civilians and serves as a senior leader of the Australian intelligence service, should have known more about the CCP virus and the vaccine. However, after being in charge of the National COVID Vaccine Taskforce organized by the Australian Defense Force on March 9, 2020, it set off a wave of COVID vaccination among Australians.

The Australian Defense Force (ADF) is not large in number and smaller than many people think. It is actually a “boutique” force with high operating costs. Right now, Australia faces a vast military threat from the CCP. However, the ADF has been asked to undertake more and more epidemic prevention duties.  Australian tax contributors who pay huge expenses on federal agencies and the defense forces expected that the ADF would correctly respond to the epidemic crisis but not require them to replace civilian duties with military responsibilities.

There is no need for ADF to lead government or community agencies’ jobs. Also, there is no need for a general in the intelligence community to guide the COVID vaccine mandates, advocating experimental COVID vaccines. This is obviously beyond the scope of the usual duties of the defense forces. It has aroused deep concerns among the public, not to mention that the COVID vaccine disaster will bring unimaginable continuous damage to Australian society.

Ironically, the three-star general who led an international force in the Solomon Islands and served as the deputy director of the ASD said that introducing the COVID vaccine was the most important task he had ever done. In my opinion, this will be the greatest shame in John Frewen’s life!

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