Mr. Guo Drops Exciting Bombshell News: UN & EU In Process to Recognize NFSC

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

On October 3, Mr. Miles Guo unexpectedly dropped an exciting bombshell news on his GTV live broadcast – that the United Nations and the European Union have been working on considering to recognize the New Federal State of China (NFSC) as THE legitimate political power that represents the Chinese people. “It will be such an exhilarating moment when the final signing of the official documents comes into fruition. It’s such a concrete step taken by us, and I understand that both UN and EU are working hard in this regard – in proceeding to an official signing. It is so crucial for us.” Mr. Guo could not hold in his excitement.

The flag of New Federal State of China (NFSC) in the backdrop of the Himalaya.

Furthermore, Mr. Guo reiterated his vision about the future of the new Greater China (region). He stated that Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as Tibet and Xinjiang all will be treated as independent territories respectively under the New Federal State of China. These territories are expected to enjoy more independent rights than that of any state under the federal system of the United States.

It is his vision that in the new era, humanity shall never be controlled nor confined by any country or any state apparatus as in the traditional sense. Rather, it should be based on Righteousness-ism (the rule of Righteousness); it should be about how people may coexist harmonically in a manner that reflects the common choice chosen based out of the people’s will, regardless of one’s race or ethnicity, regardless of religion, regardless of nationality.

During this super live-cast, Mr. Guo was joined by several other fellow fighter broadcasters. The live-cast lasted 5 hours, pulling in live audience of more than 10 million.

References: Mr. Miles Guo’s 10/03/2021 GTV live-cast

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