Fed Prepares To Launch “Review” Of Central Bank Digital Currency That Could Render Cash, private banking system Obsolete

Translated by: Yacob#0855

Zero Hedge quoted the Wall Street Journal the evening of Oct. 4. In response to similar projects at central banks in Europe and – more importantly – China Central Bank Digital Currency, the Federal Reserve going to release an official report about CBDC as early as this week to begin a review of the pros and cons of central bank digital currencies, with a promise to seek public comment during the review.


Senior Fed officials have been showing mixed opinions and are hesitant about a central bank digital currency, calling the relevant research so far is early and exploratory, and the theory is that the system would allow the Fed to deposit money directly into the “digital wallets” of ordinary Americans, such power that could eventually make the entire private banking system and cash obsolescent, and the Fed would be able to monitor the financial situation of every American.
Whistleblower movement leader Mr. Miels Guo commented in today’s live broadcast that such messages are intentionally driving the public opinion, in fact, once the U.S. implements digital currency, the Fed will cease to exist, the swamp will be gone, and American people will only gain true freedom if they get rid of the Fed, this going to be an unprecedented financial upheaval in human history. The result of the struggle between the Federal Reserve, swamp, and the American public will definitely produce a digital dollar, and all future currencies in the world should not be monopolized by national sovereignty. The talk reveals that the new Chinese Federation State of China still has very powerful plans and weapons, and looks forward to the moment of unveiling.

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