Pfizer Scientist Says He Works for “an evil corporation” as He Is Caught on Film Stating Natural Antibodies Are “much better than the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine”

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In undercover footage released by Project Veritas, Nick Karl, a scientist who works for Pfizer states natural antibodies are much better because they attack the whole virus, rather than just a single piece of the virus which is targeted by the Covid-19 vaccines.

Two other scientists working for Pfizer were also caught on film. Rahul Khandke, a Scientist for Pfizer stated that “we are bred and taught to say things like the vaccine is safer than actually getting Covid… if you have antibodies you should be able to prove that you have those.” Whilst Chris Croce, a Senior Scientist for Pfizer said that he feels like he works for “an evil corporation” and that vaccinated people are still getting sick because their antibodies produced by the vaccine are waning, and it has nothing to do with the new Delta variant. After the video was exposed, Nick has deleted all his LinkedIn profile.

The evil forces of the world, including the CCP, have monopolized almost all scientific institutions and media platforms. The truth has been deliberately covered up, causing a large number of vaccine victims. Since the release of the Project Veritas, it has received an explosive sensation and attention from the entire network. Just like the butterfly effect caused by the spread of the truth in the Whistleblower Movement, I believe that more people with conscience will come forward to seek the truth and trust in the orthodoxy.


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