The US, Japan, UK and Other Three Countries Completed Joint Naval Exercises to Warn CCP’s Provocations

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After a large number of CCP fighters invaded Taiwan on Oct. 1st and 2nd, six countries including the United States and the UK joined forces on  Oct. 2nd and 3rd to conduct exercises in the Philippine Sea, southwest of Okinawa to warn of the CCP’s provocations in the Taiwan Strait.

The six countries participating in the exercise include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Japan. They dispatched three aircraft carriers and 17 other ships. US State Department spokesman Price issued a statement on Oct. 3rd, accusing the CCP’s military pressure on Taiwan for causing misjudgment and risk of war and undermining regional peace and stability. The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force spokesperson clearly stated that the purpose of this exercise is to strengthen cooperation to ensure freedom, openness and security in the Pacific. It shows that countries are using actions to urge and warn the CCP to stop diplomatic/military pressure and threats to Taiwan.


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