French Media Condemned the CCP of Destroying Xinjiang’s Environment While Supressing the Uyghurs

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“Reporterre”, a French media specializing in environmental issues, published an article condemning the CCP of ruthlessly supressing the Uyghurs and at the same time destroying Xinjiang’s natural environment through nuclear tests, oil exploration, rare earth mining, and massive-scale cotton planation.

The article points out that Xinjiang ‘s environmental problems are closely related to the human right violation in the region. The 45 nuclear tests conducted by the CCP in Xinjiang have caused 190,000 premature deaths, and the proportion of the people living in the periphery of the nuclear test area who have cancer, are 30 to 35 times higher than the average in China.

Since the CCP came into power, oil, gas and coal mining in Xinjiang has resulted in serious pollution to the local air, and large-scale cotton planting has caused chemical pollution of the land. The CCP’s recent launching of rare metal mines in Xinjiang will necessarily result in more grave environmental consequences.

The raw material and products produced in Xinjiang have been shipped by the CCP to China’s coastal areas or exported overseas for profit. The local people have suffered from severe environmental problems but have not obtained any benefits. The CCP’s complete destruction of Xinjiang’s environment is one of its ways to undermine human rights, and the international communities ought to pay attention to it.


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