Local police in the UK files a murder case involving Covid-19 vaccine

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – LaoSan

On October 2, the local police in Solihull, UK, filed a murder case involving the Covid-19 vaccines and assigned the reporter’s case number. It was said that a student at Alderbrook Middle School in Solihull, Ed Malik, died shortly after being vaccinated with Covid-19.

According to the sources, Nurses Sarah and Mark went to the local police station. In the presence of the police chief, two people reported a murder. During the one hour and 45 minutes of inquiry and recording, the two emphasized the nature of the case was “murder.” The parents of the victim and we all know that it is very sad and uncomfortable for everyone to relive this tragedy, but as parents, we must take action to protect the children and get a definite results.

 All details of the case are recorded throughout the entire process. The public enumerated evidences, including:
– A JCVI report from July to September clearly stated “Don’t vaccinate children with the Covid-19 vaccines, children will be harmed “.
– The experimental Covid-19 vaccines violated at least 7 guidelines in the Nuremberg Code. The police department agreed with the content of the informant statement, and promised to “protect the people” oath.
– Currently, only less than one-third of the British population are aware of the bad vaccines reporting system.

The fight against the evil group is still ongoing. It is a war for every person, every family and every nation.

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