Massive Outage for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger

By: MOS Education Team – Canyonsky

According to Downdetector, the outages appeared to start around 11:40 am ET on Monday. Facebook’s internal tools for employees were also affected. All Facebook-owned main stream apps, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and lesser-known Oculus, have confirmed the outages without mentioning the reason.

All Facebook owned major apps suffered outage on Oct. 4, 2021

Cybercrime reporter Brian Krebs earlier attributed it to a DNS problem. He tweeted, “Confirmed: The DNS records that tell systems how to find Facebook or Instagram got withdrawn this morning from the global routing tables.” No one knows why Facebook would do it. And he tweeted again, “It’s all speculation at this point why. FB alone is in control over its DNS records.”

Downdetector map of Facebook outage

Editor’s note:
Meanwhile, GETTR, the new kid on the social media block has been running smoothly. With a sleek design and its principle of advocating for freedom of speech, it has gained tremendous traction since its inception in July 2021. GETTR, a platform for the silenced everywhere. -Jason Miller

*. Prolonged outage for Facebook related apps
*. Covershot credit: Downdetector
*. News Punch report

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