Covid Vaccine Kill Shots

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My purpose in writing is to alert you to a growing Public Health Emergency. Serious adverse effects to the Covid-19 vaccines are growing exponentially. The vaccination program should be stopped, and this trend needs to be investigated. If the administration of vaccines does not stop, the human tragedy and resultant legal liability will be incalculable.

The reports of adverse effects are everywhere and credible. For inexplicable reasons these irrefutable statistics are being suppressed by the Media, Public Health officials and Politicians.

According to the most recent data from Public Health authorities in Wales, the UK, vaccinated people account for 87% of all Covid-19 hospitalizations. In other words, vaccinated people are more likely to experience adverse reactions and become hospitalized from Covid-19 (1). This Scientific fact has been confirmed by large studies in other places like Israel (2). This result is in direct contradiction to the purpose of a vaccine. The original CDC definition of a vaccine was a medicine that ‘prevents disease or provides immunity to disease’. Conveniently the CDC has redefined the meaning of “vaccine” to say that they merely ‘provide protection’ (3). Similarly, the WHO attempted to redefine “herd immunity” to imply that it could only be achieved through vaccination, not naturally acquired immunity. How convenient. This is a perversion of Science and history. Manipulating the language in order to better suit the failing Vaccines. This is reminiscent of the “Newspeak” and “Doublespeak” from the “Ministry of Truth” in George Orwell’s “1984”.

Why is the statistical reality from places like the UK, Wales, Scotland and Israel, and elsewhere being suppressed by Media, Politicians and Public Health? Why has the term “vaccine” been redefined to fit the apparent agenda to reduce the expectations of what the vaccines can do, and to lower the bar for liability if they injure people?

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How much death, injury and liability must accumulate before our paid representatives stop forcing these kill shots on people and threaten them with loss of livelihood?

In 1976 the Swine Flu vaccine was withdrawn from the market after only 32 deaths, and adverse effects like the Guillain-Barré syndrome. In comparison, during the current Covid-19 outbreak the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) has reported approximately 595k adverse effects with 13k deaths at August 31, 2021. The European equivalent system (EudraVigilance) has reported approximately 827k adverse effects and 22k deaths as at August 18, 2021. The adverse effects from Covid-19 vaccines is greater than the total number of adverse effects for all previous vaccines combined! 

In addition, a CDC whistleblower has sworn an affidavit with Ohio attorney Thomas Renz saying that these already high VAERS statistics are under-reported by as much as 90%! We cannot even rely on a stringent and fair reporting of adverse effects. Many, many hospital employees (doctors and nurses) have reported similarly – that the majority of their daily work is caring for adverse effects in vaccinated patients, and that the medical and public health hierarchy is stifling, improperly classifying, failing to diagnose the cause of, or simply ignoring these cases.

Regardless of these shocking facts, Public Health authorities and Politicians continue to pressure, coerce and even blackmail citizens with loss of employment and livelihoods in order to increase the vaccination rates.

We are not Conspiracy Theorists, but there is something very troubling about the full-court press that is being applied to coerce every citizen to accept these vaccines, while serious and growing adverse effects to them are being completely discounted. This contradicts the Hippocratic Oath, logic, and past public health practice. 

Further, Public Health authorities and Politicians are ignoring the obvious benefits of natural immunity to Covid-19. We have lived with endemic coronaviruses for at least a hundred years, for which we have long-lasting natural immunity. We also have natural immunity after Covid-19 disease, as there have been exceedingly few reinfections with serious illness or death, despite a widely circulating virus. Natural immunity is stronger and more enduring than vaccine immunity(4), and without the adverse effects. Yet, natural immunity is not included in the calculation of herd immunity and people who have survived Covid-19 are still coerced into accepting the dangerous vaccines.

Is it any wonder that vaccine hesitancy is growing? Of course, these contradictions are very concerning to many citizens. How can our paid representatives, with their access to unlimited funds and all the world-wide research, still be turning a blind eye to the obvious medical tragedy which is unfolding as a result of the vaccines? 

When will the real Science and Data around the Covid-19 Kill Shots penetrate the consciousness of you and your public health officials? This is akin to a crime against humanity, and YOU will be held responsible by the people.


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Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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