CBC Made Fake News for Deceiving Public on Toxic Jabs

Author:  Bill Wu

Image source: cbc.ca

According to a report by iask.ca on October 1st, Dr. Alexander Wong, an infectious disease doctor of Regina General Hospital is one of medical workers who tell the public the reality of the Saskatchewan ICU (intensive care unit) on social media.

The report quoted a tweet of Dr. Wong posted at 4:28pm on September 26 (Figure 1). It says: “Person in Regina hospital. Crying. Dying.” “I should have had my shots. My wife had hers. She kept telling me to get mine. I’m going to die, aren’t I.” “He spoke w/ family one last time before going to ICU. He told them he was so sorry.” “He died 3 days later, alone.”

Figure 1. Dr. Wong’s tweet of Sep. 26th

At 10:39pm of October 1st, Google showed 4,210 million results in 0.73 seconds by searching with “Dr. Alexander Wong”, as shown in Figure 2. The first link displayed is Dr. Wong’s tweets. Other top listed links include two video reports of Canadian CBC News, the first is a 2 minutes 5 seconds video, the second is a 8 minutes 39 seconds video.  Dr. Wong’s introduction page on Saskatchewan University’s official website is also among the top listed links.

Figure 2. Google showed 42.1 million results by searching “Dr. Alexander Wong”.

The first CBC video report uses Dr. Wong’s tweet of September 26th as a start point, followed by Dr. Wong’s views on current epidemic and vaccination. As a conclusion, Dr. Wong “cried out” to call on the public to get “vaccinated” so that the workload could be reduced for hospitals and medical workers. But when looking closely, it shows that he was working hard to cry but did not fully succeed. His mouth and nose were working hard, but tears didn’t come out. Dr. Wong also posted this video on his own Twitter.

On CBC’s second video report, the attached message says Dr. Wong is “Elected Officials”. However, all Dr. Wong’s introductions, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Saskatchewan University’s website, show that he has professional positions as an associate professor, a doctor, and a researcher, but not any position as “elected officials”. Clearly, the attached CBC’s text message is also fake.

Obviously, Dr. Wong’s tweet of September 26th was created to ingratiate with CBC’s purpose to make a fake news. It is a typical example of many of same kind created by fake news media for the purpose of misguiding public to get the toxic jabs of the CCP Virus. There are 9 points that prove Dr. Wong’s tweet is fake.

  1. There were no specific person, time, and place in the story. How old is the patient?
  2. There was no information about the patient’s symptoms and developments.
  3. It did not tell how the patient was treated in early stage. Did he get any medications?
  4. It is unclear with whom and how many of family he was talking in mentioning the shots, but his wife was not likely there. 
  5. It is unclear whether the patient’s family members were also infected with the virus, especially his “vaccinated” wife.
  6. It is unclear how bad his condition was before he went to ICU, and how he was treated after entering to ICU.
  7. When and where did Dr. Wong hear the patient’s speaking about shots? How was the patient’s speaking like, for he had to go to ICU?
  8. Neither the death process nor the cause of death of the said patient was explained.
  9. The sole purpose of fabricating the whole story is to use the patient’s mouth to tell that the public shall get the jab shots as soon as possible. And it has an implicit logic that otherwise, like this “patient”, you will die if you are infected with the Virus.

Basically, it is certain that this is a fake story fabricated by cooperation of Dr. Wong and the fake news media CBC. It is impossible that there was the patient as the story described. Even if there was really the described patient, the truth about his infection, development, and death is most likely a story version that is completely opposite to the fake news story.

Let us describe a possible reality story based on the known “truth” of the case. The patient’s wife was firstly infected with the virus but didn’t have symptoms because she had received the toxic jabs.  She transmitted the virus to the patient.  The patent didn’t get any early treatment, either because he didn’t visit a doctor for his onset symptoms were mild, or because his doctor didn’t give him any treatment during his visiting. For example, Sara, a Canada Maple Leaf Farm member, has a relative who had the experience of infected but getting no treatment during her visiting a doctor, for her blood oxygen had not been very low. After the said patient had been admitted to the hospital later due to serious symptoms, Dr. Wong didn’t give him any effective medications such as Dexamethasone and Ivermectin for three possible reasons. Dr. Wong either didn’t know the effective medications, or was not allowed to give these medications, or didn’t give these medications purposely. Therefore, the patient did not die of the viral infection but of no treatment or wrong treatment. In other words, he died of either Dr. Wong’s ignorance or his deliberateness.

The human being on earth will eventually step out of the current darkness and see the light again because there are the Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Miles Guo, and the mysterious power of justice behind him. An important procedure in the next escalation of human civilization is to judge and hold accountable all those perpetrators and their assistants engaged in creating the current human catastrophe, and to give every bad person the punishment he deserves. Let us keep a record of each evil deed. We must now expose the evil fake news deed committed by CBC and Dr. Wong, so that less people will be deceived and misguided. In the future, We The People will use legitimate measures to make them receiving deserved punishments for their assistance in creating evil.

Proofread by Shifter

(This article merely presents the author’s view)

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