The White House will hold a 30-nation conference on cybercrime and ransomware

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After a series of cyber attacks that threatened the energy and food supply of the United States this year, the Biden administration has elevated cyber security countermeasures to the highest level of the government. Previously, the CCP denied the allegations of involvement in malicious cyber attacks.

The White House said on October 1st that the Biden administration plans to convene about 30 countries this month to hold an online meeting aimed at “improving cooperation between law enforcement agencies”, such as “illegal use of cryptocurrency” and other issues, to deal with the growing threat of ransomware and other cyber crimes.

The Biden administration hopes that its new informal group, the “anti-ransomware” initiative, will intensify diplomatic efforts, including direct talks with Russia, NATO, the United Nations, and G7 countries.

Reference: White House plans 30-country meeting on cybercrime and ransomware – official
White House Launching 30-Country Meeting on Cybercrime, Ransomware

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