Britain and Denmark Cancel Vaccine Passports, Germany Won’t Implement Mandatory Vaccination

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Comet2056

In the live broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo mentioned several times that he is making every effort to show evidence to politicians around the world, especially European leaders that the COVID-19 vaccines are harmful, and called on governments to stop mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports.

The British government has announced the cancellation of the “vaccine passport,” claiming that it violates civil liberties. Health secretary, Javid, said that the government has seen evidence and mandatory vaccination will not continue. Vaccine Minister, Zahawi, said that the UK does not have a vaccine passport program and vaccination will not be mandatory, otherwise, it will cause discrimination.

Denmark will lift all restrictions related to COVID-19 on the 10th of this month. The Danish Ministry of Health said that because the pandemic is under control, Denmark will remove all restrictions, including the “vaccine passport” used to enter public facilities.

While promoting vaccination, the German government did not announce a plan for mandatory vaccination. The German government believes that there is no obligation to be vaccinated in Germany, and mandatory vaccination will reduce the public’s trust in the government. The vaccination rate in Germany is currently below 50%.

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