US Troops Ask Court to Block DoD’s Vaccine Requirement

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According to the report of Air Force Times, Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Robert, and Marine Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill, filed a complaint on August 17 with Colorado’s U.S. district court, alleging that the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) personnel vaccine rollout is illegal and unconstitutional. The two troops believe they should be exempt from the vaccine mandate because they already had COVID-19, and they’re pushing to get the case certified as a class action lawsuit.

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The service members call the vaccine requirement “a naked attempt to leverage the Plaintiffs’ military status against them in order to move forward with an unnecessary public health mandate,” according to court documents.

Robert and Mulvihill also make the argument that the vaccine should not be compulsory if alternative treatments are available. They list Ivermectin as a viable alternative. In addition to asking the court to declare the vaccine requirement illegal and for exemption for service-members, the plaintiffs ask the court to award them money for their attorneys’ fees and “any other relief” deemed appropriate. Both service members are based in North Carolina.

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