CCP’s White Book Claiming “Moderately Prosperous Society” Achieved

Translated by: MOS Gospel team – lilian89 

On September 28, the Press Office of the State Council of China (CCP) released a white book stating it has achieved the goal of “building a moderately prosperous society in all respects”. It boasts that the CCP, after uniting and leading the Chinese people for 100 years, now has finally eradicated poverty and achieved the goal of “a moderately prosperous society in all respects”, which is “the coordinated development of the civilizations of all aspects including material, political, spiritual, social and ecological.” It also shamelessly added that “no one is left behind, no region is left behind, and no ethnic group is left behind, of which reflecting the socialist essence of common prosperity. ” The brainwashing propaganda is just preposterous and disgusting.

Migrant worker family seen in the backdrop of construction site in China.

Li Keqiang, the Chinese Communist Party Premier about one ago publicly stated that up to 600 million people of China only earn an average monthly income of less than 1000 RMB, roughly $143, which makes the theory of “moderately prosperous society” a mission impossible, making the self-acclaimed title and the so-called “white book” the butt of a laughing-stock on a global scale.

The China people unfortunately have been under the draconian rule of the illegitimate regime of the CCP for more than 70 years. The CCP has been relentlessly plundering the wealth from the Chinese people and transferred a huge portion to overseas. Not a corner of the sovereignty may escape from its claws of insatiable greed:  from the sky to the oceans, from the river and lakes to the mine fields. And only polluted environments and disrupted eco-systems are left behind.

For the past 30 years, through colluding with the international big interest groups, the CCP’s kleptocrats have been sped up its pace of plundering and hence has accumulated wealth of astronomical scale. The damning secret only became known to the public since the inception of the Whistleblower Movement, led by Mr. Miles Guo in early 2017. Now four years into the unprecedented efforts made by Mr. Guo and countless unsung heroes, the world has finally begun to realize the evil doings of the CCP.  

And the Whistleblower Movement now has galvanized many forces of justice, forging and unifying together all across the world. With the economic pressure combined with intensified infighting within the Communist Party, the CCP is feeling the Judgement Day is coming.

The White Book of the so-called “Moderate Prosperity in All Respects” just proves once again, that “anything the CCP wants you to know is nothing but a lie”, just as brilliantly put by Mr. Miles Guo.

CCP’s white book shamelessly claiming “Moderately Prosperous Society” achieved

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