Gainesville Residents Successfully Fought Against Vaccination Mandate

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Gainesville residents have successfully fought back against a vaccination mandate: a state court recently ruled that employees who are not vaccinated cannot be fired or punished.

The city council started a proposal in August that required more than 2,200 employees to be vaccinated and the vaccination mandate would start on Oct. 1. This is a serious violation of freedom and human rights. In September, nearly 200 police and firefighter employees filed a lawsuit against the city, emphasizing that the state constitution must protect the “bodily autonomy” of its citizens. Florida Governor Ron DeSaintis, Attorney General Ashley Moody and Congressman Kat Cammack vowed to support Gainesville employees in fighting back against the vaccination mandate.

All Floridian courts have agreed that medical mandates violate citizens’ privacy rights. Attorney Jeff Childers, who handled the case, said in an interview that this is one of the first cases in the U.S. against Biden’s vaccine mandates. The outcome of the ruling provides an excellent model for the courts to follow. More cities are also beginning to move to consider withdrawing vaccination mandates.

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