[September 30th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is September 30th. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of October. From yesterday until now, we must see that the most crucial thing in the world is still vaccines — whether it is time to stop the mandatory vaccinations.

We have made significant progress on our strategy of “eliminating the CCP with the truth of vaccines”. We are forging ahead, and it is gaining ground. I believe everybody has seen the turn of the tide as we anticipated. Brothers and sisters, we must continue with the effort.  Never slack off and never let success go to your head.

Our fellow fighters worldwide, especially those of our European political team, so many of them have been working day and night lately — in Japan, Taiwan, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, all of them! Other fellow fighters in Canada and the US are also making contributions quietly.

We should let those bureaucratic officials and the son-of-a-bitch fake experts know the truth of the actual deaths and adverse events caused by vaccines.  

As Brother-7 said on the live broadcast yesterday — anyone who was given the facts has only two choices: take it or leave it. If they ignore the truth, they will be judged to have committed a crime in the future. If they choose to confront it, then they must do something about it.

We do not need cannons and nuclear weapons to beat our enemies. We have the most ingenious strategy. This is our “Unrestricted Warfare” against the evil forces.

We must keep on doing it, brothers and sisters. We must spread the truth widely on GETTR, G-News, G-TV, and all other social media platforms — on as many public media outlets as we can reach. We need to post videos, evidence, and information from those vaccine victims who told their firsthand stories on public media as much as possible.

Every time you do this, you are accumulating one more good deed blessed by God. You may not even be aware of what will happen. We, the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC), will build a new image of Chinese people in the cause of saving humanity by our strategy of “eliminating the CCP with the truth of vaccines”. This will be the ultimate test for us, as members of the NFSC, when facing humanity, society, family, friends, ourselves, our worldview, and our attitude toward lives.

Last night I woke up around 4 o’clock and couldn’t go back to sleep until now. I saw fellow fighters in Europe and Asia at work, as well as our fellow fighters in Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan.

Our fellow fighters in Japan sent out more than 10,000 pieces of information yesterday alone — videos and text materials were sent to various government officials, media outlets, the so-called experts and institutions. It was so impressive!

Japanese government officials even sent messages to our secret team and me, saying, “on seeing this information and materials, any individual with a conscience has to ask what the hell is the vaccine? Should people take the vaccine? The mandatory vaccination policy must not continue, especially not for children, pregnant women, and the elderly.” — These all happened in just one day, from yesterday to today.

There was a mother who died after getting vaccinated, her child is only 6 years old. There are many more cases of families where more than one family member died after getting the vaccine.

That is the most important thing for us, brothers and sisters, nothing more important than this — “taking down the CCP with the truth of vaccines.” 

Now let us look at the economic situation of the CCP, its ambitions, and its internal struggles. For everything regarding the CCP, follow its 20th National Party Congress. Brothers and sisters, we have experienced and witnessed the 18th and 19th National Party Congresses of the CCP together. Now comes its 20th National Party Congress.

The “Xi Jinping — Wang Qishan” government came to power after the 18th National Party Congress. China has thus entered an era overshadowed by black clouds — all humanity is under great threat now.

Then we witnessed the CCP’s 19th National Party Congress together. After that, Guo Wengui and the Whistleblower Movement became the biggest threat to the CCP. We saw the threatening manner of those bastards — Liu Yanping, Sun Lijun, and Meng Jianzhu (senior officials of the Ministry of Public Security). 

But most of you have not personally experienced and seen the ostentation and extravagance when Meng Jianzhu went to Germany and Europe for Interpol meetings, including his visit to Turkey and the Middle East. Meng Jianzhu’s private requirements for pleasure and treatment — of course, hidden from Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan, in some ways even exceeded the standard of Xi Jinping’s. Except for the absence of horses, cars, or guards of honor, the standard of Meng’s visit was extremely high in all other aspects.

Someone once gave Meng Jianzhu two or three boxes of exclusive watches in a hotel. Meng Jianzhu gave all the watches away to local officials and ambassadors. One box of watches was worth at least one million US dollars, and the total value of the three boxes was over three million dollars. Meng Jianzhu glanced at the watches and said he had already had them. Therefore, he would not bother to take them and gave all the watches away. This is Meng Jianzhu. Can you imagine?

When Meng Jianzhu went to a certain country back then, the attention he received from that country’s justice department and intelligence department was absolutely beyond your imagination. 

Wang Qishan has been following in the footsteps of Xi Jinping’s state visits for the past few years. Politically speaking, Wang Qishan disguised himself as the follower of Xi, just the second most powerful individual in China, with Xi Jinping as the boss. But privately, he set traps for Xi. “Nutty Xi (Xi Jinping)” did not even know anything about the fact that he had been schemed by Wang Qishan.

When Brother-7 exposed Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan in 2017, I had told you that Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan’s offices in Zhongnanhai (Beijing) were door-to-door. How convenient for the two to collude something evil, right? Only those who have experienced it by themselves could understand what working “door-to-door” in Zhongnanhai stands for. Meng Jianzhu did not work at the office in the Ministry of Public Security. He worked at Zhongnanhai. 

In addition, you may have read the official statement that Sun Lijun (former Chinese politician and vice minister of Public Security) has been transferred to the judicial authorities for prosecution. Right?

Many of our fellow fighters sent me messages. They thought that the number of attacks against Brother-7 and the Whistleblower Movement on various social media platforms from the internet trolls, known as “Wu Mao”, funded by the CCP, has decreased at least 70% over the past week. They thought it might be due to the prosecution of Sun Lijun. Honestly, it had nothing to do with him. Sun Lijun’s power has been waning for the past six or seven months.

The attacks and slander against us on the internet are mainly related to the HNA incident and Wang Qishan, mostly ordered by Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu. That implies that Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan may initiate more actions against us. Both of them might be plotting something.

I have read the official statement on Sun Lijun. It reads “all sinful” — hiding intelligence, ganging up for personal interest, buying and selling official ranks, massive illegal wealth, and living a lascivious life. Many consumer sites were involved, and it almost mentioned the ubiquitous places where Sun conducted his unrestrained lust behaviors — “Shuang Xiu”. What a mess the Ministry of Public Security’s eighth bureau has become, and more incidents in Hong Kong and Shanghai, etc. 

More importantly, fellow fighters, have you noticed that the statement avoids three major issues:

First, Sun Lijun once committed not 10, not 100, but over 100 murders and kidnappings. Many victims would have been sentenced to only ten years in prison. Some of them could have been released soon. But they were killed, and their properties were confiscated. They rob your money by killing you!

Not a single word in the statement mentioned these crimes — murder for money. These are serious crimes that deserve death penalty. But nowhere is this mentioned in the statement.

Second, any crimes concerning Zhongnanhai pit were obscurely designated as hiding crucial private information and confidential materials — avoiding any reference to wiretapping and surveillance. Sun Lijun is accused of using the most advanced police tactics to get involved in politics. But this was just beating around the bush and did not get to the point. 

What would it be in the CCP’s past practice? It would be considered as an attempt to subvert the regime and plot to overthrow the national leadership. How big a deal is it to murder or assassinate a national leader? But this is not mentioned in the statement.

By the way, no individual can ever commit a crime related to murder and assassination alone, so it must be a joint act of crime with multiple associates. Murdering someone in jail who could have been released and their whole family for money, must be a crime conducted by multiple persons. These are not mentioned in the statement either.

Finally, Sun had monitored the CCP leaders and their families for years and recorded countless private surveillance videos, including “Shuang Xiu” (sexual) videos. Those are not mentioned in the statement. How could any single individual commit such a crime alone? 

I talked about Li Dong, a former member of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, in 2017. But I no longer speak of him now. Li Dong came from Henan province. The brotherhood between him and Bruno Wu (Chinese media mogul, a central figure of CCP’s BGY operation in the US) was so tight that they could sacrifice their lives for each other.

Li Dong had told me Sun Lijun would be appointed as the Vice Minister of Public Security quite early, before Sun was actually assigned to that position. He told me Sun Lijun was the gunman that both Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan wanted. Are you surprised?

Yang Lan (famous Chinese talk show host, Bruno Wu’s wife) once received $3.4 billion from a certain company in the US — the Digital AI Corporation. Everybody can check it over on the internet, and you will find Bruno Wu once joined and resigned from the company as CEO at least 2 to 3 times.

The company was sold to Alibaba for $3.4 billion. It was like Alibaba giving them the money as a gift. Just one company alone, $3.4 billion was involved. Yang Lan, nicknamed “looking-for-the-key Lan”, was involved in dirty business dealings of over $30 billion in combination.

The overseas equities that her husband, Bruno Wu holds are worth $100 billion or more, Involving mobs in the Mekong River in Thailand, Myanmar, and Taiwan, including areas in Russia.

And these are just what Li Dong told me in late 2015 and 2016. Where is Li Dong now? I have no idea. What have Sun Lijun, Meng Jianzhu, and Wang Qishan done since 2016 until now? As long as those bastards, like Meng Jianzhu, Sun Lijun, Wang Qishan, Zhou Liang (vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission), and Zeng Qinghong (former member of the Politburo Standing Committee) are still in power in China, anti-corruption is bullshit.

From the statement about Sun Lijun, we can tell that the forces behind him are even more mighty than before. They are everywhere.

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