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Mr. Miles Guo started the Whistleblower Movement in 2017 to expose CCP’s nefarious plan to dominate the world. He founded the New Federal State of China on June 4, 2020 and lead the Whistleblower Movement to take down the CCP.

Mr. Guo broadcasts almost daily on the latest development on issues concerning the well-being of all the people around the world.

The New Federal State of China is fighting not only to save the Chinese people; we are fighting to save the whole world from the pestilence and destruction of the devil CCP, and to defend the most scared to mankind, i.e. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On Aug 4, 2021, Mr. Steve K. Bannon praised Mr. Guo: “Miles has been right on so many things…I think Miles is really the George Washington of the Chinese people…He is out there. He is saying things, He is like a rock no matter how many people are attacking him and saying things about him. He has been so right.”

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Miles Guo’s News Briefing @Mapleleaf98765

Topics in this Gettr broadcast:

  1. Why Meng WanZhou must return to China?
  2. What is the future outlook for Meng WanZhou?
  3. How will the West react to Meng’s return to China?
  4. What is the future of 5G and Huawei?
  5. What is biochip and its relationship to vaccine?
  6. What is the truth and cause of Indonesia’s anti-Chinese movement?
  7. What will happen to Evergrande?
  8. What will happen in the world financial market?
  9. When will be the darkest moment?
  10. Will the CCP be exterminated?
  11. What will happen to Vaccine passport?

1.Why Meng WanZhou must return to China?

  • Mr. Mile Guo predicted that Meng would return to China shortly after she was arrested in Canada, and he was the only person who said that. Here is the rationale on which he based his prediction.
  • First of all, Huawei has two “dads” in the government to back it up: the Second Department of the General Staff (of People’s Liberation Army of China) which is the military’s intelligence department, and the brother-in-law of Xi, JinPing.
  • Through Huawei, the CCP BGYs (i.e. corrupts, bribes, coerces) the technology sector, especially 5G, a platform for conquering the world in the communication sector.
  • If anybody from Huawei exposes this true nature to the US and the West, all the technology and BGY network Huawei buried in the West will be exposed. As a result, the American Wall Street, the military, and the people who betrayed the United States will all be exposed. And the world would know that Britain and Germany are really naked in front of the CCP. There are 26,000 Huawei base stations in the UK. It is fatal not only to the CCP, but also to Western countries.
  • Only Donald Trump and Peter Navarro want Meng to be extradited to the US.
  • Xi JinPing’s brother-in-law is the real shareholder of Huawei. ZTE also belongs to the Xi family. They belong to Emperor Xi. In the name of a nation, Xi must let Meng return to China.
  • The biggest problem with Meng is that she knows the money route. Meng is the proxy holder for money stored in the trust fund, not in the banks. She must be present to withdraw the money.
  • Ren Zhengfei (Meng’s dad) has stored at least 300 billion (dollars or Yuan?) overseas, and Meng must come forward and sign it. Meng must go back, otherwise the 300 billion will be gone. If Meng died, the money would be gone. Meng is the password to withdraw money.
  • The key is that if the Americans know the money route, this would be too big a problem.

2. What is the future outlook for Meng WanZhou?

  • After returning to China, Meng will join the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and rise to the top and become an industry leader and a patriot protected by the country.
  • But if Meng had friends like Mr. Guo, she would not go back because titles like industry leader and patriot will crush any woman to death.
  • The Obama Club, why are there so many wives of leaders of various countries? In this club, there is a “duck” (note: male prostitute) shop. At most, there were hundreds of “cowboys” from Africa. In Hong Kong, Macau, almost all women have been taken care of. Why is it so popular on the dark web? Because these successful women are under too much pressure.
  • 500,000 (dollar or Yuan?) each time for the “Cowboy”. One woman bit off a piece of the flesh from a Cowboy’s shoulder and compensated him 2 million (dollar or yuan?). The most famous celebrities, the wives of the big bosses of Zhongnan Pit (where CCP top leaders work), PetroChina, Sinopec, and the director of the Women’s Federation, would give away tens of millions of (dollars or Yuan?) with one signature.
  • Meng’s return was the beginning of her personal tragedy. She would either die or be controlled for a lifetime. Lei Feng and other model workers, once you know them personally, you would find out that they are better dead than alive.
  • This is also a political struggle. Xi wants to demonstrate that people who are loyal to him, will return to China and end up well. People who are loyal to Wang Qishan will end up like Wang Jian (killed) and Chen Feng(arrested). People who are betting on multiple masters will end up like Xu Jiayin (head of Evergrande).
  • Meng’s returning to China is worse than going to the US, and her ending will be very miserable; Huawei’s disaster and future technology, all those bad things start from Meng’s return to China.
  • Meng will not last beyond 2025. Before 2024, she will live a glamourous life, but after 2024, her outcome will be very miserable.

3. How will the West react to Meng’s return to China?

  • Meng’s returned to China has really annoyed the far-rightists in the US and the anti-Huawei forces.
  • The first force is the American conservatives in science and technology with AT&T in the back. The second force is the extreme rightists in the financial sector, and the third force is the US military that wants to get rid of Huawei.
  • Huawei has become the first gun of the CCP to compete with Western technology. Ren Zhengfei is working on chips in a low-key manner. The chip competition between China and the West will make Huawei the earliest victim.
  • Before John Kerry went to visit China recently, Mr. Guo already knew Meng’s return was a negotiation chip. Mr. Guo knows all the negotiation chips for both US and China and the negotiation details within the CCP.
  • Mr. Guo informed the US side of the Americans who were helping with Meng’s return with time, location, and method. Mr. Guo was so accurate on the details that these Americans were dumbfounded.
  • With Mr. Guo’s good tracking record and his accurate intelligence, the Americans trust Mr. Guo and support him and his Whistleblower Movement. Those Americans, including the generals who crafted the 5G plan, feel betrayed.
  • The Americans realize now if the CCP wins 5G, it will kill the US.
  • Meng’s return to China will help the far-right force win 2024 election. Trudeau in Canada is no longer in full control. Japan and Europe feel even more threatened.

4. What is the future of 5G and Huawei?

  • The battle between the CCP and the West on 5G and chips will determine who will be the world leader in the future.
  • Huawei is too important to the CCP. It is the duel between the CCP and the West, and it will not last more than two years.
  • Within 2 years, a new technology-replacing chip will come to the market.
  • 5G will be widespread around the world, sky WIFI, military technology.

5. What is biochips and its relationship to vaccine?

  • The future of mankind is to achieve chip-based management, vaccines plus AI, biochip.
  • What is the relationship between biochips and the current vaccines? What does it have to do with AI?
  • The future is made of biotechnology, it will be like the human brain, but in a pharmaceutical solution or tablet. The human brain is 60 billion times larger than a chip. A biochip as big as a matchbox can put in all the data in the history of mankind. This will replace today’s computers.
  • The US and Japan bet on biochips. The point is that Huawei is also playing with this biochip sector.
  • Do not believe that there is a chip in the vaccine today, it cannot be done with the current nanotechnology which has a size of 8nm or 5nm. The current chip technology can never get into our blood.
  • But when the biochip comes out, it is like one billionth of the capacity of your cells, once implanted in the body, your human thinking and behavior will be controlled. The initial bio-computer has been developed in Silicon Valley, and IBM’s current quantum computer is based on the biochip.
  • Huawei took control of a Turkish scientist who was engaged in 5G and AI.
  • Russia, Japan, the US, Switzerland have several biotechnology laboratories. Now the best players are the US, Russia, China, and Japan.
  • Humanities are facing huge challenges in the next two years. Regarding biochips, 5G, quantum computers, the US has only two choices: either to kill the CCP, or be killed by the CCP.

6. What is the truth and cause of Indonesia’s anti-Chinese movement?

  • Suharto is of Chinese descent, he grew up hating the Chinese, he’s an opportunist.
  • Sukarno was the president of Indonesia before Suharto and a communist.
  • Suharto fully provoked the relationship between the Indonesian military and the Chinese. As a result, 70,000 people were raped and killed overnight, 1 million Chinese were implicated, 600,000 Chinese were killed. Even during the financial crisis in 2008, he again killed more than 1,000 Chinese.
  • As a result of promoting communism, 1.1 million Chinese in Indonesia were killed or harmed.
  • Today, in the US and the world, Huawei is engaging in communist activities similar to the one prior to the Indonesian anti-Chinese movement. Huawei will finally make the world hate the Chinese and make Europe and the US feel that the Chinese would rule them, which is the root cause of the Indonesian massacre. We Chinese really should remember it.
  • After 1998, Indonesia wouldn’t let anyone own more than 10 acres of land, while the Suharto family owns 100,000 acres of land in Indonesia.
  • The Suharto family is like a mob and has raped the whole country.

7. What will happen to Evergrande?

  • What will happen to Xu Jiayin (head of Evergrande) next? Someone says that Xi will not save Xu as Xu belongs to the Jiang faction, this is to mislead the people. The biggest boss behind Xu is Xi’s brother Xi YuanPing.
  • Evergrande is a mine, if it explodes, everybody in the room will die. It will shake the CCP regime, The CCP’s glory and destruction are tied with Evergrande’s.
  • Mr. Guo said in 2019 that Evergrande had two trillion (dollars of yuan?) debt. Evergrande has borrowed $100 billion from overseas, but he told the central government it was $20 billion. That’s why the US government is so afraid of Evergrande’s collapse. US debt is $28 trillion, almost $30 trillion. $100 billion would knock down the US stock market by 600 points. $100 billion has a leverage of $500 billion, and if it explodes, it’s more powerful than a few Lehman Brothers. When the interest payment for the $100 billion cannot be made on time, the panic effect will be magnified.
  • Mr. Guo was to buy something from a big shot for 75 million (dollar?). Then Mr. Guo decided to wait because he is maybe able to get it for 20 million or nothing in the future.
  • Xi Jinpin is quite willing to see Evergrande default in the international market and see the reaction from the American stock market.
  • Evergrande is an arrow with fire shot out, but it can’t keep flying, although Xi did not expect it to die and does not want it to die before 20th Congress meeting.

8. What will happen in the world financial market?

  • Some Americans saw our videos exposing Lufax Holding earlier, the Lufax collusion is the financial intelligence. The videos make them realized that if Lufax is shut down, the US would get into its biggest financial crisis.
  • There are three families in the US that once owned half of the wealth of the US. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan family. The Rockefeller family fund is selling off all stocks related to Chinese stocks, including those with ties to Hong Kong. More frighteningly, they are also dumping a lot of U.S. core assets which means that something is going to happen in the world. It’s a big deal. But why did not the world feel their dump? Because they sold their shares of the fund, large amounts of trust notes, credit notes (not the normal stocks).
  • What will be the effect of dumping the Chinese stocks and U.S. assets by those big families?
  • Two keys: the battle for monetary dominance of the world economy between China and the US, the digitalization of the RMB and the internationalization of the RMB.
  • Now half a dozen countries are with the CCP to launch an unrestricted economic war against the US.
  • Lufax Holding is the most important vanguard in this unrestricted war. Various funds that Lufax holds come from U.S. pension funds and other various funds.
  • In the future, our digital currency, Himalaya Coins, from the New Federal State of China will be the most bullish currency in the world, and GTV and Gettre will be the most bullish companies in the future.

9. When will be the darkest moment?

  • If Lufax gets shut down, all Chinese stocks are kicked out, and oil is paid by RMB, in the Middle East, in Africa, the “fever virus” is released by the CCP. Vaccine and biotechnology competitions kicked off, which is called medical war, technology war, vaccine war, currency war. This would mark the beginning of the darkest moment.
  • The US market will have a (financial) market crisis, the US printing money over $30 trillion.
  • Taiwan’s Zhu Liliun is 100% communist. Hong Kong has been taken and the Double Dragon plan is being implemented.
  • Japan is said to be a little soft (towards the CCP). Japan as a nation is afraid of those who are strong than it.
  • India is now completely soft and asks the CCP not to release any more virus.
  • Pakistan is already controlled by the CCP.
  • Iran and the UAE, who dares to mess with the CCP?
  • Africa’s Angola and South Africa are almost crippled. Mandela ruined Africa.
  • Now only China, the United States, and Europe are left.
  • France has completely become a vassal state.
  • Germany will be basically a province of China in the next two or three years.
  • How will the Communists conquer you? Biological warfare, vaccine warfare, economic warfare, the stock market, selling U.S. Treasuries.
  • The United States has actually surrendered: the return of Meng Wanzhou, asked the CCP not to sell U.S. Treasuries, not to expose the U.S. leaders (corruption), and to cooperate symbolically on climate change.

10. Will the CCP be exterminated?

  • Unless the US is in crisis, no one really wants to destroy the CCP.
  • Americans have now completely realized that the world’s media are 100% controlled by the CCP.
  • German’s political power has shifted from 30% v.s 70% to 30%, 30% and 30%. It will be a struggle between those three forces. The whistleblower Movement has influence over one of the 30% forces. There will be a big change in German politics next year.
  • In the battle between China and the United States, technology, economic warfare, Germany does not have an advantage. The era of steel as a basis for everything has passed, Germany will become more and more obedient.
  • The economic crisis will definitely break out. The final winner of the unrestricted economic war launched by the CCP towards Europe and the US will not be the CCP.
  • The more successful the CCP is now, the greater the possibility and the sooner the CCP would get themselves extinguishing (because they will awaken more people in the West).
  • The final duel is at the end of the year 2022.

11. What will happen to the Vaccine passport?

  • Mr. Guo got a big win from his current meeting with the most influential people in the world including the real bosses behind the big pharmaceutical companies.
  • Using the information from the Whistleblower Movement, we have informed the world that Artemisinin is the antidote to COVID.
  • Some big shots in the Swamp really did not know the conspiracy of the vaccines, they themselves got vaccinated.
  • With the endeavors of Mr. Steve Bannon, the heroic doctors, and our fellow fighters in all fields, the truth has surfaced.
  • The EU is no longer promoting vaccine passports. It won’t take more than a month for Europe to stop all vaccines on a large scale.
  • Canada will soon stop mandatory vaccines.
  • The US is also going to stop forced vaccines soon.
  • Mr. Guo felt excited that through the communications with people, Europe, America and Canada will stop vaccination and Japan will slow down.
  • Within two or three months, the truth about vaccines will come out one after another. All these civilized countries such as Australia and New Zealand will follow the US.
  • With further vaccines, the drug companies will definitely go bankrupt. Let the investment shareholders of the pharmaceutical companies come to their senses.
  • Only we, the Whistleblower Movement, have the capacity to reach to the most powerful people in the world. Once we make this group of the Swamp realizes the truth and they will surely influence politics accordingly. The vast majority of politicians still think vaccines are saving lives. The conspirators are now in the minority.
  • After October 1st, the vaccine will become optional in many places. Meanwhile, dexamethasone and hydroxychloroquine will be open for use.
  • China is in big trouble if it continues to force vaccination. So it will soon stop as well.

Mr. Guo:
Let’s pray for 7.5 billion humans, 1.4 billion people of the New Federal State of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang compatriots, fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement and their family members, compatriots in Henan’s Zhengzhou!

[CHINESE] MR.Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 09.26 2021

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