Think About Vaccine

Author: Qilang – Vancouver MG Farm

From the beginning of the vaccination, the complex feeling has been entangled with anger, helplessness, and worry every minute!
Can’t find any words to describe!

As per Miles Guo in the live broadcast on September 24:
The most painful thing is to see these people including the most trusted, favorite, and dearest. You can’t believe how ignorant they are!

How to do?

After many inquiries and discussions, here are some questions that can make these favorite and dearest people think about it, hoping to help them start thinking! To have more and more people and let them start the search for the truth about the vaccine!

Start to get out of the house, talk with neighbors, and strangers to explore the truth about vaccines together!

Finally, let everyone know that the breaking news revolution is a group of people who tell the truth about the world! Come on, comrades!

More Questions to Think About

  1. What are the ingredients of the COVID-19 vaccine?
  2. Who will be responsible for the injury and death caused by the vaccine?
  3. Where does the government get the money it spends?
  4. Although the vaccine is free of charge, who eventually will pay for the vaccine?
  5. Why do we still need to wear a mask after vaccinated?
  6. Why does the government make various regulations, such as vaccine passport, to force people to get vaccinate?
  7. Does the media serve for the common people or the wealthy and powerful people?

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